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Despite the progress civilization has made, there persists the difficulty of finding a caring math teacher. The misconception that math teachers tend to be cold is an age-old one. Maths is associated with rational thought process, hence is considered non-emotional. Although mathematical operations have no work for the emotions of a learner, it is wrong to think that a study of math entails emotional indifference. To a great extend, maths teachers too are to blame for this, as they stereotypically like to be associated with this fallacious linkage. The truth however remains that finding a math teacher who does an analysis of his/her learner’s requirements is hard to discover.

With advancement of technology and the intermingling of varied sensory media the notion of a strict and uncaring math teacher is slowly beginning to give way. You do not have to wait for the irrational notion to disappear completely now that you have the facility of online tutoring that allows you to learn at your pace. Traditional math teachers have been observed to have bizarre expectations that intelligent students grasp math concepts quickly and the syllogism that they conveniently complete is that those who not are not exceptionally intelligent can’t be good with math. This branding is a symptom of little or no audience analysis. Do not lose hope of finding a warm math teacher because a teacher can only teach successfully by relating to her students.

In a subject as abstract as mathematics, individual attention is absolutely necessary. A teacher cannot hope to get across the explanations of concepts by assuming that all students are expected to learn at the same pace and apply themselves immediately. If your tutor makes math absorbing to the extent that you look forward to his/her classes then the objective has been achieved. In simple words, you have found your caring math teacher. If this does not happen then you do not have to worry because online tutoring gives you the opportunity of finding a math tutor who can make math learning interesting and for life. This switch will be made professionally because learning is the priority. Now that we have defined who the math teacher is, it is imperative that you do not miss the chance of discovering the beauty of math as an enticing system. Learning happens not merely from proficiency displayed by a tutor but the ability to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, which in turn is the most important aspect of math tutoring. Other than this formative math assessments, review of math concepts learned and a conducive learning environment contribute greatly to building a child’s math skills.

Therefore, there is no more of ‘Where can I find the right math tutor?’ It’s right here!

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