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Alternative schooling solutions and K-12 online tutoring services have been gaining traction over the past few months as the modern world faces an unprecedented battle against COVID-19. Parents are uncertain about the upcoming academic year and the impact it could have on their children. Whether or not brick-and-mortar institutions reopen their doors to students remains a cause for concern, but many parents have turned their attention to online education to ensure that their children’s studies are not adversely affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Online Tutoring Services to the Rescue

Online learning had taken the back seat for the longest time as brick-and-mortar institutions prevailed in the education sector. However, the novel coronavirus has turned the tables in the former’s favor. Parents who wish to lower the risks associated with contracting the disease, or those who remain unsatisfied with the present public offerings can make the most of online tutoring programs, thus ensuring that learning goes on even when the world comes to a screeching halt.  

Traditional brick-and-mortar education v/s online education

Since online education is relatively nascent when compared with traditional education, it is only normal for parents to wonder if it is as good as the ‘real thing’. While many K-12 online tutoring services offer online classes on the subject of your choice, it is crucial to consider a few factors before signing up, like the frequency of the classes, the flexibility of the schedule, the contents of the curriculum, the experience of the tutors, etc.

Students who have access to one-to-one online tutoring are proven to fare better than those who learn through videos or online classrooms. The reason for this is that videos are not interactive, and the student can only learn what is taught. There is no scope for asking questions or clearing doubts while learning through videos.

Online classrooms, on the other hand, may have too many students which may make it almost impossible for the tutor to attend to each of them. Moreover, the curriculum has to be completed within a pre-determined period of time, due to which the tutor may not have time to address the queries and concerns of each student. As a result, some students perform well in their academics, while others are left behind.  

How can eTutorWorld help during COVID-19?

eTutorWorld has been providing K-12 online tutoring services, summer programs, test prep help and worksheets since 2008, but an unprecedented 43% growth in new customers between the first and second quarter of FY 2020-21 has shed some light on a booming online education sector. Since each child learns differently and at their own pace, eTutorWorld provides them with the tools to succeed, while offering flexibility and assurance to you.

Personalized Learning Sessions v/s Virtual Learning Pods

eTutorWorld offers both personalized one-to-one tutoring services as well as group learning sessions. Since most students are rooted to learning from home due to the ongoing pandemic, they may not be able to focus on their studies as they did at school, and eTutorWorld works as the ideal schooling supplement to reinforce learning and ensure that your child continues learning independently and effectively. Parents can focus on their own work, and let the expert and experienced tutors at eTutorWorld bear the burden of delivering quality education to your child.

Whether you want your child to experience one-to-one interactive tutoring sessions or join virtual learning pods and make the most of peer learning, eTutorWorld offers both and the choice is all yours! The K-12 online tutoring service also offers regular tutoring sessions as well as homeschooling and test prep help to students across the globe.

Times are tough, especially for parents with K-12 children at home. eTutorWorld aims to lessen your burden by shouldering the responsibility of your child’s education, and providing students with the skills and materials required to achieve academic confidence at school level and beyond. All K-12 online tutoring sessions are flexible and can be scheduled as per your convenience. Since safety is a major cause for concern in current times, there has never been a better time to give your child the academic edge they need to succeed!       

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