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In the age of IoT and machine intelligence, it is only right that children know the ins and outs of these technologies. Coding has now become a crucial skill that can easily qualify as basic education along with languages and math.

eTutorWorld offers coding classes for children between 3-12 years.

Right now, there are three courses:

Scratch Programming

Scratch is a visual programming language that does not require a student to write lines of code. Rather they have to use their mouse to choose and add different elements to their program. It offers a beginner-level coding experience to children and can be their introduction to the world of programming. Children can create interactive stories, animations and even simple games using Scratch. eTutorWorld offers a 10 session Scratch Programming Course.

Python Programming

Python is an intuitive and versatile programming language that can be used to create powerful, real-time programs. It powers popular websites such as YouTube and Pinterest and is popular among engineers and scientists who use it to build networks and work with AI. eTutorWorld has divided the AI course into two parts: Level 1 and 2. Each level has 20 sessions that go from basics to intense by the time the course winds up.

Web Designing

In the world of the Internet, can you live without a website? It is a personal space for brands to showcase and sell their products and services. So, learning to web-designing is probably one of the most crucial skills of the decade. Web designing is taught at eTutorWorld through HTML and CSS. The course has a basic lesson plan but it is customized according to a student’s age and skill level.

5 Key Reasons to Learn Coding

  1. Logic

Logic is one of the biggest takeaways of coding. When children learn to code, they learn to think logically while considering all the inputs and possible outputs. No other language or subject can teach logical thinking like coding can do from Day 1.

  1. Communication

Coding transforms children into rich communicators. They learn to communicate with machines through a new language. Moreover, when children collaborate with their peers for a project, they learn to communicate requirements and expectations efficiently.

  1. Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a key skill for everyone. You never know infact when you will need it but we only learn it with day-to-day life. Coding teaches this skill very early in life and prepares children to handle the ups and downs of life with ease.

  1. Abstract Thinking

One of the key skills that come out of coding is the ability to think abstractly. This helps them to imagine and work in a structured way and enables them to efficiently combine all their efforts at the end.

  1. Creativity

This skill is often associated with arts and never with coding. But it’s true that coding teaches children creativity. It makes them imaginative and improves their understanding of shapes, colors, and co-ordination.

Who Should Learn Coding?

Every child should learn to code. It is like one of those old sayings that have a lesson or two for everyone. There is also no age limit for coding. A child as young as 3 can start learning to code with scratch. Even parents with no experience can pick up a language with their children and have a great time learning together.

eTutorWorld’s coding lessons are customized according to individual learning needs. While our tutors have created a lesson plan for each course, we change them according to the students’ performance in the diagnostic assessment and personal requests.

Head to our coding page to check out our offerings. You can also take a free trial to understand our teaching methodology before you enroll in a course.

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