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Coding is too much tech, agreed. But still, every student should learn it in school, because of all the benefits that come from learning to program. Does this mean, students of all streams should learn to code? Yes, science students, English students, and even humanities students should learn coding to imbibe some key skills such as logic, problem-solving, and communication.

Still not convinced? Read on to know why you should learn coding in your school years.

1) Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a crucial skill that comes in handy at various stages and situations in life. Learning to code gives you a chance to tackle a problem head-on and create a solution for it. Coding issues may not be crucial for life but the sense of achievement that washes over after solving an issue at hand gives a confidence boost that helps you understand that nothing is impossible and you can solve any problem if you approach it the right way.

2) Planning

Software is made up of various modules and segments that come together to create a solution for a problem or a requirement. Creating different modules and deciding how and what software will do requires meticulous planning. Therefore, when you pick up coding at school, you are exposed to the nuances of planning at an early age and learn how to plan everything right from your daily schedule to career path.

3) Logic

Logic is one of the most crucial skills that comes in handy no matter which path you choose to travel towards success. Logic is required to make everyday decisions and we use a lot of it subconsciously to finish our daily tasks and achieve simple things like turning left while walking to school to save a few minutes or deciding to pass the football at the last minute to score a goal.

Nothing teaches logic better than a coding language where you have to think like the end-user and create an interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

4) Resilience

When you try, try, and try to achieve something you become resilient. The fact that you do not accept failure till you succeed makes you a strong and successful person. This skill is useful in everything right from sports to academics to work and to even family life. Coding is one of the few subjects that can teach you resilience because let’s accept it, a problem is a problem until you resolve it and with coding, the first thing you learn is to keep trying till you get the results you want.

5) Communication Skills

Coding is often done in a team because software or websites are huge and multiple teams work together on different modules to create one end product. Hence, coding is great for improving communication skills. It pushes students to talk to each other, sit down and ideate together and express their opinions freely. It gives them hands-on experience in both formal and informal communication.

6) Creativity

It’s difficult to think in this direction but coding makes students creative. It can open up the imagination to a great extent because to design a software or an app, you have to think about how the interface will look, how the functions will move from one to another, and even the smallest things such as button colors, shapes, etc. So, it won’t be wrong to say that coding makes you think out of the box and push your limits to create new and better always.

7) Bright Future

One of the biggest benefits of learning coding is a chance at a bright future. In a world where every task starts with a line of code, there will always be a high demand for people who can code and create amazing solutions for both simple and complex functions. Hence, coding can lead you to a bright future where you do not have to constantly worry about being replaced by a bot because you will be designing some of the bots yourself.

Coding is like sports. You have to learn it to know how it can change you as a person. While a sport may change you physically, coding changes how you think and you communicate. Schools and parents must consider the above-listed advantages of coding and encourage children to pick up coding as they go. It might not become their career but it will definitely help them achieve their goals, no matter which field they choose.

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