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With thousands of school students, vying for a few hundred places in US private schools, its obvious that the SSAT means cut throat competition.

Moliere has rightly quoted ‘The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.’

Qualifying the SSAT is not easy but with the right kind of preparation, you will bask in the glory of going to your dream school!

However, most SSAT takers are distraught with questions like, ‘What is the SSAT?’, How do I get a good SSAT score?’, ‘Which SSAT level can I take?’, ‘How do I prepare for the SSAT?’ and many more.

The apt way to ace the SSAT is

  1. Understand the SSAT format, its sections and scoring chart, type of questions asked;
  2. Master the topics and concepts for the test
  3. Max your vocabulary and enhance your time management skills
  4. Strategize your approach in answering the admission test.
  5. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and DON’T get stressed out

Here are some myths and facts about the SSAT so you understand the test better.

Myth 1:

The SSAT is taken by students only in the US and Canada.


The SSAT is taken by students from around the world. Yes, you have competition from the outside too! The SSAT is also accepted by private schools outside the US and Canada…schools in countries from Angola to Australia and Camobodia to UK.

Myth 2:

You can take the SSAT only once.


SSATB does not limit the number of times you can take the National standard test but can take the SSAT Flex test just once in a year. The SSAT year runs from August 1 to July 31. About 15% of SSAT takers are taking the test the second time.

Myth 3:

Taking the SSAT requires no preparation.


This may be true for outstanding students, however even if you are an above average student, prepping for the SSAT will help you score better. The SSAT is an admission test. And like all admission tests, it’s a bit more challenging than your usual class summative assessments.

Myth 4:

Only a face-to-face tutor can help me prep for the SSAT.

Fact: With the advancement of technology, there’s no big deal in reaching out for help from the comfort of your home. All you need a computer or tablet and an internet connection and you can get SSAT prep help from anywhere, at anytime. Your SSAT online tutor will not only teach you concepts but also share those tips and tricks that’ll get you the much required SSAT scores.

Myth 5:

All sections of the SSAT – Upper Level are scored.


The math, verbal and reading comprehension sections of the SSAT are scored. However, the writing and experimental sections are not scored. The writing section helps the admission officers get to know how well you write and organize your ideas while the experimental section includes new questions that are being tested for future SSAT forms.

Going the right way with SSAT prep can help score better than other students around the world.

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