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Reading is an activity that can catapult your child directly into a fairy tale with his/her favorite characters coming to life instantly. It is a powerful tool to capture the tiny one’s emotions too. Do not worry if your kid has just begun attending Primary School and is looking forward to the upcoming winter break and festivities eagerly. Feel free to pamper her but do make sure to try and improve her skills during this period as well.

Here are a few reading techniques to try :-

  • Create a Reading Routine– It is essential to make time for your child and read to her for half an hour every day despite the ongoing festivities. Choose a funny tale or a Christmas related story and watch her go all goggle eyed on hearing the lovely tale that may be a parable to a simple story to kindle her interest. This exercise will not only establish a routine but will keep her from getting underfoot as well. Feel free to explain the difficult passages so that her comprehensive skills improve accordingly. Remember to be patient as well by having a dictionary alongside in order to enhance the vocabulary. Do not stop this enjoyable exercise altogether if your kid is now able to read perfectly on her own. Just ascertain that she takes on the responsibility of being the prime reader instead of you. This will help her to focus more on unfamiliar words and ignite that spark of curiosity compelling her to learn more.

  • Availability of Books– Fill your home with books so that she is driven by curiosity and eager to check the information within. Do not keep the books confined to the shelves only though. Have them available aplenty with decorated baskets revealing an interesting array of colorful books as well. Keep one handy in the car too so that she can spend a few moments turning the pages as the entire family goes away for a well deserved vacation. It would also help if she finds you reading often too. Parents happen to be role models for their children and your kid will be eager to emulate you as he aspires to be just like you.

  • Convince the Reluctant Reader– Most youngsters steer clear of books today. There is a plethora of information everywhere with the school going kids being more interested in the electronic media. There is nothing superior to the process of physically holding a book and trying to decipher a story, however. It will also help your child to unleash her imagination in a big way. Trying to coax a 5th or 6th grader with books will only end in sorrow. Instead try a subtler method by mentioning space stories, adventure tales and school stories to your children so that their interest is piqued. Hand the book to them instead of recounting the story. This will cause them to read the rest of the story instantly in order to know the outcome.

  • Reading without books– If you are the parent of a 12 or 13 year old then you should not try to force them into reading ever. They would not want to be recognized as bookworms or nerds thereby risking ridicule from peers. Observe her reading habits discretely. Is she skimming through the information or simply scanning the sentences for obtaining information the facts. You can always ask your son or daughter to look at the road signs and billboards and quiz them about it en route to your holiday destination. If your child clamors to be taken to a movie, reward her but only after she gets you the relevant facts. If your daughter or son aspires to be a Master Chef, you can always ask them to read through the recipes from your favorite cookbook and follow the instructions to a T. Going through congratulatory emails just before the holiday season begins will also keep them enthused about reading too.

School teachers may not always be attentive enough to decipher the first tell-tale signs of your child falling behind in reading & comprehension. Do not wait until the issue turns serious. Encourage her to master different types of reading skills and help her further her education. You may also enroll your child in a free session at www.etutorworld.com  thus helping her to excel in the near future.

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