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No, we are not offering a million dollars worth lottery or any other prize money. Nopes!

Congratulations for just being a wonderful parent which is worth a million dollars for your child. It is the decisions you take that strengthen your child academically and create a winner in life. It is this thought that brings you here, reaching out to an online calculus tutor. Congratulations once again!

As parents you have made choices of schools, but the responsibility doesn’t end there, because with the increasing difficulty level in academic subjects, the children need additional help which can now be easily sought from online tutors! Calculus is one such topic where children seek help to understand it and as responsible parents, we need to make sure that our kids get expert help for all those challenging concepts about differentiation, integration and more. You have the liberty to schedule time slots with the online Calculus tutor who will be an aide to your child’s learning while making the applications of calculus fun and easy to learn.

What is Calculus? Calculus is a branch of Math which has proved to be an important tool in every aspect or research and development with applications in everyday life. It has two different fields,namely differential calculus and integral calculus which involve functions, limits, derivatives, integrals and much more.Differential calculus studies how things change, when ‘smaller quantities, parts or components’ make up the ‘whole system’ while Integral calculus is the reverse process of differentiation; Integration studies the ‘whole system’ as an accumulation of ‘small quantities or components’. The online calculus tutor will help you comprehend different applications of calculus which initially seem quite complicated.

Uncover the Applications of Calculus. Calculus is the study of change and hence is widely used in research and technologically intensive fields like aviation and space, computers and simulators. Whether one joins the defense forces or hits the civil street, becomes an economist or a biologist, an engineer or a scientist, philanthropist or a business tycoon….the clear understanding of calculus is essential to handle the influx of technology. It has a wide range of applications in Economics, Science and Math as it is used by statisticians as well as those in the field of medicine. Calculus thus forms an important part of Math syllabus and a good Calculus tutor can help your child master the topic easily.

The Calculus tutor shows the child how calculus can be used to calculate area or volume of any shape, slopes of curves, finding irrational roots or for visualizinggraphs without actual plotting!  A tutor makes it interesting by helping the student understand how calculus has redefined the production environment by bringing in the calculation of maximum, minimum, average or optimal value of functions. All of it is done at the planning stage with an intensive study before actual launch or commencement of production. Online calculus tutors can easily demonstrate  how Calculus also comes in handy for arriving at exact figures where precision is of paramount importance be it data evaluation, predictions of behaviour patterns of various models, or a controlled environment determining outputs for variable input parameters.This minimizes the trials and errors, bringing in economies in terms of money and time, minimizing material losses and accident rates. As a result, the unquantifiable quality of life, working environment and safety standards automatically get enhanced.

If you are looking for a solution to build up your child’s interest in calculus, your search ends here. eTutorWorld is happy to interact with parents who want to invest in their children’s education and consider it as a top priority.It is imperative that a topic like calculus is explained to the children in the initial phase itself to ensure smooth progression later on. The eTutorWorld online Calculus Tutors allot dedicated time to give adequate practice, scheduled revisions, feedbacks, quizzes and tests in this subject.

Thanks to technology, you too can now have an online calculus tutor available at your house with just a click of a mouse. For more information or a free demo log on now at www.etutorworld.com

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