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AP Exam is approaching. What is different this time? Has the pandemic affected how the exams will be conducted? Here is a quick read that will answer all your questions and will update you about the AP exams 2021.

Students Won’t be Choosing the AP Exam Dates

This year, students won’t be able to choose the AP exam date. Rather, the AP coordinators in the schools will be able to choose the dates from the 3 available options. This process will start in early March.

AP 2021 Exams Will be Full Length

AP exams 2021 will be full length both in offline and online formats. This means, they will cover the full curriculum and most exams will be 2-3 hours long.

Digital Exams – Who can Appear?

This year, digital exams will be conducted for students whose school building is closed because of the pandemic or the student cannot visit the school for health reasons. Your school will authorize you to take the exam at home or school.

Students will be able to appear for digital exams using their laptops, desktop, or Chromebooks. Since the exams consist of free responses, they cannot be attempted on smartphones.

Certain exams can only be taken digitally such as Chinese and Japanese and other exams can only be taken offline (other language exams). Students will have to check out The College Board website for all the details.

Digital Exams will be Conducted at the Same Time Across the Globe

Digital exams will start at the set time across the world. Students won’t be able to control the timings. So, the international students may have to attempt the test at unusual hours.

Students won’t be Able to Re-attempt Questions

Furthermore, the app does not allow moving back and forth between questions, meaning, students won’t be able to move back to a question they did not answer or would like to change the answer.

Students will have to Choose One

Students will be able to take a test online or offline. Both formats cannot be attempted.

Questions for Online Exams will be Slightly Different

Online and offline formats of AP exams will be slightly different. For example, in the case of an online exam, students will be asked to answer questions according to a graph rather than drawing a graph.

Digital Exams will Need some Preparations

In terms of studies, the preparation will be the same. However, to attempt the AP exams online, students will have to undertake some simple setups on their laptops/desktops. These will be related to software downloads and security protocols. The College Board will be using plagiarism software to ensure students are not cheating along with must-haves like a camera and a photo ID. The College Board will share the details with the schools in the near future and the students will be updated in time for the exam.

Deadlines have Been Extended

The College Board has extended the deadline for a certain course. If you need to submit a portfolio for an art exam or principle for your computer exams, you must check out the new deadline which has been pushed to May 20th, 2021, 11:59 PM.

No Cancellation Fees This Year

The College Board has waived the cancellation fees for all AP exams. If you have registered for an exam but you are not sure if you are ready this year, you do not have to pay the fees. You can simply withdraw from the exam and attempt it next year.

Digital Exam Practice Platform will be Launched in April

Since 2021 is the first year when students are going to attempt AP exams online, The College Board has decided to launch a practice platform in April, so that students can get used to how everything is going to look and work on the exam day.

So, yes. The pandemic has changed the AP Exam 2021. Students are requested to stay abreast with the latest information. We will also be updating this page as we get more information. While you keep an eye on the information, do not forget to prepare for the exams, since the exams are going to be full curriculum and future depends on it, like every other year.

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