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Algebra is the study of structures, relations and quantities of mathematical operations. At a basic level students are taught addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of variables and constants. In themselves they do not complete the Mathematical cycle. For instance determining roots of numbers is more complex than just applying basic operations to get values that are simple solutions.


What makes Algebra complex?

The logic behind the operations takes you to a higher plane where Mathematical relations have to be derived. The definitions of Mathematical operations are in themselves structures such as groups, rings and fields. Once you have learnt the basics of Algebra you can proceed to higher order Mathematics. As your tutor teaches you Algebra you will become familiar with the different types of Algebraic equations such as Linear equations and Polynomial equations to name just two.

Your online algebra tutors will introduce you to the symmetry that constitutes structures. A structure viewed as a word is just a concept but when you work with structures, understand them and play by their rules then you observe the harmonious way by which values are connected. A mechanical study of Algebra will take one nowhere because there are reasons why you perform certain functions. It is like a web and nothing within this structure is irrelevant. That is the beauty of Algebra. We talk to communicate facts and thoughts that exist outside language but when we study language we are introduced to the rules that govern the order by which words are strung. It is the same with any derivation. There is the spirit of reason that reveals values to the discerning eye.

Your tutor will develop in you the discerning eye that you actually need. You are not interested in the values per se but in the investigative process. If Mathematics is taught mechanically there is no investigation. You need to seek explanation for what you are doing. Algebra is needed to study Pure Mathematics and the advantage is that you will be comfortable with abstract concepts as you keep working or playing with it. You may call it playing in the sense that Mozart played with his musical instrument. All you need is inspiration and your online tutor will give you that inspiration. Inspiration to do Algebra is similar to the inspiration needed to compose music. Although this factor is sidelined often it is crucial to working with Mathematics. Your online tutor makes Algebra fun and enriching so that you will grasp the concepts with very little effort.

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