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Learning disruptions have been rampant this last year. Children in all grades have suffered learning losses because of school closures and a sudden shift to full-time online learning. Although now things are looking up and schools are all set to open in the fall, we have a lot of work to do before that happens.

We need to address the learning gaps caused during the previous year so that when children move ahead, they do not have to struggle with the sting of not knowing or understanding a concept. We have to act now because ‘later’ will only widen the gap and make it difficult to manage.

Holistic Intervention at Home

Learning at home requires holistic intervention from parents. By holistic, we mean a balanced approach where children can enjoy the break they deserve while staying in touch with current and previous lessons. Since every child learns differently, parents need to do some homework to understand the best approach for their child.

Learning with Play

Learning with play is the best way to do it for little minds. You cannot enforce a study routine on younger children. They have to be taught through play, through routines where they do not feel compelled to focus. At home, parents have to devise fun ideas to teach the basics with the help of chores, play, and more.

Embedded Evaluation

All the forms of learning at home should have embedded evaluation in some form. Parents have to test their children to gauge their understanding of a concept. Without it, parents may fail to identify learning issues and fix them on time. Evaluation can be as simple as singing a poem together to as serious as a times test of the latest lesson.

Back-to-School Courses

Back-to-School courses are one of the most powerful tools against learning losses and gaps. Summer break is a big chunk of the year that can be used to optimize learning with extra lessons and practice tests. Back-to-School courses provide children with professional help and put them back on track with the lessons in just a few weeks before schools reopen. These courses also come in handy in the fight against the unfortunate summer slide.

eTutorWorld offers structured Back-to-School courses that are customized according to a child’s learning requirements. These courses quickly walk through important lessons before the summer break ends and arms a child with the tools to navigate next year without learning problems.

This year, as we all hold our breaths for the fall session, let’s prepare our children thoroughly by not overlooking the learning gaps. Yes, teachers may help the students in school but the next academic year is going to be hectic and teachers are also exhausted. It won’t take much for the learning gaps to get lost and broaden in the school setup.

Let us take the responsibility of covering the gaps caused by the pandemic before the break ends. Let’s do our bit to help children walk towards the fall session with full confidence.

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