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If you happen to be a parent wishing to enroll your child in a private secondary school then you are certainly aware of the SSAT (The Secondary School Admission Test) which if performed well can ensure your child’s admission into selective private schools. The SSAT is being used by a few schools throughout the country, as an entrance exam that screens out the less qualified applicants. The SSAT is being used widely to assess the academic competency level of the students who apply to these select schools. Therefore it follows that there is a lot of weightage given to this test and doing well in it ensures your child’s admission to these private schools.

How will students ace the test with help from tutors?

Tutoring has been widespread and has been found to be invaluable in enabling the students to excel in the SSAT. Given the current academic climate, the students aspiring to get into private schools have a need to receive outside help not just with standardized tests but also with their academic work. While in the past only those students who had been performing poorly sought outside help, today that the relentless competition and need for higher skill sets has led to even middle and top of class students taking outside help. They take help not just with the standardized tests but with their academic work as well. The right tutoring support can help these students in bolstering their knowledge and skills.

There are many tests that these students take for admission into the private schools such as ISEE, SSAT or COOP while there are other public schools which prescribe state-mandated tests which are pre-requisites for admission.

With the right tutoring, students will get to know the content of the tests as well as the strategies for understanding and answering the questions correctly. These standardized tests may be a challenge for students who have attended progressive schools and may find difficulty even in understanding the questions from these standardized tests. Even the bright students will need help while taking the SSAT practice tests and in learning to answer questions under timed situations and conditions. With an experienced tutor your child receives the required coaching in acquiring the skills which for better or worse are today a feature of modern education right from the lowest to the highest grade.

What is the right way to use tutors for excelling in the SSAT?

Tutors not only work with the content but also help the students with better test preparation strategies, study skills, and discipline required to ace these tests. Tutors thereby end up preparing the student for developing skills for life-long development and learning.

With the tutors who are also specialists in their subject the scope of understanding the particular subject within the SSAT increases and this is something the student should leverage on. Direct instruction from the tutors on how to study effectively and efficiently is of great benefit to the student. The tutors who also would have a good understanding and knowledge of their schools, with the requisite subject matter expertise, will help by ensuring they start preparation way ahead of the tests and preventing them from doing last minute preparations. Taking a couple of practice tests with the guidance of the tutor will prepare the student well ahead and also be a pointer to the errors and enable correction. Practice tests also provide a better understanding of the test format, the manner of questions asked and the time prescribed for answering them.

Finding a remedy for learning difficulties is another area where the tutor will be invaluable. The tutor will be able to guide you in the areas that other students in earlier batches have failed and thereby prepare you to avoid pitfalls.

So considering all these advantages, do consider enrolling with a tutoring center / organizations if you wish to ace the SSAT and get admission into that private school of your dreams!

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