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Living together under one roof every single second of the day can put anyone’s patience to test. After all, not everyone has the luxury of big mansions and open spaces. What was initially being regarded as an opportunity for spending quality family time is now turning in to an exigent task.

Many parents are wondering till how long this confinement is going to last? And even when the old life will resume, it probably wouldn’t be safe to allow the kids to go outside right away.

Managing full-time work from home along with the kids can be quite a challenging task. Thus, the role of a supermom in the family is now more important than ever to restore balance and peace.

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual and every mother evolves only with experience. However, just like a mother’s love, the scope of improvement is endless and even a supermom could use some advice now and then. The celebrated comedian Milton Berle once famously asked: “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?

While we can’t help you grow more hands but we have gathered some expert advice for you to deal with kids at home all day long.

  1. Set a routine for kids and modify yours a little– Special circumstances require special measures. If you are working from home wake up a little early to finish the tasks that require peace and quiet. That will give you some mental peace of having ticked a few tasks off your to-do list before the kids wake up. 
  1. Start their day with exercise– Parents swear by this technique. Physical exertion as a first thing in the morning keeps the kids calm and settled throughout the day. Dance, aerobics, yoga, choose any activity she likes, or do a different one each day to avoid monotony. 
  1. Appoint kids as your sous-chef– You will have to be creative with this one. If you make it dull with commands and discipline, you’ll probably end up doing everything on your own. It works amazingly well if you address them with the designation, give them an apron like a proper role-play activity. Ask your sous-chef to wash the veggies, get something from the fridge. By doing these little things your sous-chef will save you a lot of energy. 
  1. Painting, drawing, crafts are your saviors– Have a little mother and child bonding time while exploring the creative side of his personality. Moreover, there is documented evidence on how helpful art could be for kids in decoding their own personalities. 
  1. Make a duty chart for household chores – Assign your kids household duties according to their age. This will teach them responsibility as well as reduce some of your burden. 
  1. Choose informational documentaries over Netflix– There’s an ocean of websites wherein you can find a documentary related to your child’s textbook topic. You’ll be surprised how interesting these documentaries could be even for you. 
  1. Go camping in the backyard or nearby park– You’ll be thankful to your husband for having bought the camping gear which you had declared as a waste of money. For this activity, kids get so enthusiastic that you probably wouldn’t need to budge except for putting up the tent. 
  1. Decorate the room– All the art and craft projects your kids are investing their time in, can be used to give an artistic look to their rooms. Knowing that their artwork is going on the wall in their room invokes the Leonardo da Vinci spirit in them. 
  1. Sign up for online tutoring– With a full-time job working from home, it can be quite a challenge to focus on kids’ academic tasks. While it is responsible parenting to find productive ways to keep them busy, it is impossible for any parent to be perfect at everything. An expert online tutor can be a solution to your concern regarding your kid’s academic performance. Trusted by thousands of parents, eTutorWorld offers summer courses, enrichment programs, and subject tutoring to meet your child’s learning needs. Visit the website to book a free trial


Finally and most importantly know that love between mother and child is incomparable. Don’t lose your peace by measuring yourself based on social media posts of perfect families which in actuality are none. Understand that mistakes will be made.  At the end of the day if no one has lost an eye and everybody is happy talking to each other then consider it a successful day.

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