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Parents are primary caregivers and first teachers for their children. They are the foundation upon which our homes, neighbourhoods, societies, countries and indeed, the world are built upon. In recognition of this, the UN General Assembly in 2012, proclaimed June 1st every year as “Global Day of Parents”.

A parent’s task is no easy task. It’s a 24/7 job. This is especially true for parents of young children. Parents need to develop a connection with their kids, communicating to them all the time in every way possible. They have to provide for their offspring, and ensure that their progeny are off to the best possible start in their life. Various online parent portals give tips about how parents can bring out the best in their kids.

A typical day in the life of parents who have school-going children is like running a corporation. Mums or dads spend many a minute planning out the following day’s tasks meticulously. Right from the children’s brushing (among other hygiene activities!) to breakfast ideas and lunch options. Of course, there are other ‘incidental’ tasks like cooking, dressing up the kids, packing their lunch boxes, giving them pep-talks and of course, packing them off to school. Whew!

Most nights are spent ironing uniforms, keeping school books ready, checking breakfast ingredients and homework!

Nails and haircuts are to be regularly assessed and kept trim periodically. Lost pencils, erasers, sharpeners and geometry sets need to be replenished should the need arise. Late night requests for home-work help, test prep help and assistance to prep for a complicated exam need to be entertained with ‘yogic’ calm!

Evenings are usually reserved for preparing children’s snacks, balancing their studies, homework, playtime and maybe piano lessons or soccer practice!

Given the unobtrusive penetration by the omnipresent social media sources that exist today, parents also have to be on guard constantly. From predators, kidnappers, influencers, hatemongers online.

It’s common nowadays for both parents to work. They do this to ensure that their child has a strong foundation. A foundation that’s a springboard to a secure future. With rising expectations due to competition, supplementing their child’s education with tutoring is a rising trend. Smart parents usually hire a professional tutor who can ensure that their child is on the right track when it comes to academics.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that parents shape the future. This is why there needs to be a greater emphasis on creating better environments in each and every home. Parents need to be aware of the importance of this. History has shown us that cultures have risen or fallen purely on upbringing (or the lack of it). Great dynasties could only be made through generations of proper conditioning. Let us then doff our hats to all the parents who have given us this wonderful life. In more ways than one!

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