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How do we stick to our New Year Resolutions?

At the start of every year most of us have resolutions and targets for the New Year. January 1, 2018 would not have been any different!

New Year resolutions give us a feeling of preparedness; the ending of 2017 and the coming of 2018, gave us the hope of a fresh start to begin all over again and achieve eventually.

Some of us plan to lead a healthier lifestyle, some to repair our relationships with others, or to score better grades at school or become more productive at work. We all have at least something planned out for 2018, either with a lot of enthusiasm or with a more casual approach. To each her own New Year resolution!

However, are we able to stick to our Resolutions? Often not! Not even for the first two months.

Most students resolve to do get better grades at school or beyond. But, are these target grades practical and reachable? Or is there some kind of life crisis waiting round the corner to send our plans in a tizzy?

There are various unavoidable factors leading us to give up on our resolutions, bringing no better changes to our lives. It’s a pathetic helpless feeling we’ve all experienced at some point of time. Especially by students like me, who’ve got so much planned out, that we’re barely able to keep up with our New Year targets.

Here are some tips for students to stick to their New Year resolutions and achieve their dreams:

1. Never let the resolution leave your mind. Write down the resolution on your room wall, whiteboard or make it your wallpaper on your cell phone. Once it becomes a part of your psyche, you will work towards it automatically.

2. Set realistic goals. Your target grades could be a couple of levels higher than your present grades rather than trying to score an A+ right away. Very high aspirations often result in disappointments and letdowns.

3. Get some assistance. Goals are always achievable with some help from experts. Meeting a tutor regularly will make sure that you are on track. These tutors could also be your academic mentors. Online tutors are accessible even at odd times like 2 am to complete that much-needed assignment, or solve the nagging problem or even understand that elusive concept.

4. Set smaller monthly targets to achieve the jumbo annual target. Just a 2-point raise every month will result in a 2-grade raise in the year. To achieve that 2-point monthly raise, you probably need to put in about ½ an hour of extra work through the year. Just 30 extra minutes every day can help you live a more fruitful and better life in the future…not forgetting the confidence that you get!

5. Involve friends and family. Those around you can contribute in a big way if they know about your New Year resolution. Share your goals with them so they can help you on a daily basis. Don’t forget, its finally friends and family that are your main support system. Even something small like keeping their television sets at a lower volume will help you concentrate better in your work. Friends can avoid calling you during your study time.

6. Get some oxygen into your lungs: A walk in the park, an hour in the gym or just riding a bicycle will refresh you. Taking a 15 minute break everyday helps you concentrate better. If possible, carry books to the nearby park to read. You could also connect to an online tutor from the park itself. However, you’ll need to carry your laptop/tablet and internet connection too.

7. You are not the only one who has problems. Often people drown themselves in self-pity and curse their lives for all the problems they face. Well! There’s no one without problems and crisis. Ask Donald Trump!! Being the President of USA is not easy at all. Bad times come and go. Be strong and determined and nothing can deter you to stick to that New Year resolution.

What’s your New Year resolution?

Write to us or share it on our facebook page. eTutorWorld may have a New Year surprise for you!

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