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Schools re-opened after a summer break and it was a delight to see students back after vacations. Today, when I finished taking my first introductory Math class, I gave a few Math Problems for High School Students, and an anxious student asked me if I had ‘7 Tips to Hack High School Math’ ? 

I wondered, if there must be a magic potion to get it right the first time. I asked my students to do some research over the internet, and before I spell it out, let me put four of the hacks here that my inquisitive high-schoolers found using the search engines as these would come in handy to arrive at Answers for High School Math:

1. Multiply by 11:

Example: 43 X 11

  • Place 4 and 3 at the extremes : 4—3
  • Add 4 and 3: 4 + 3 = 7
  • Place it between 4 and 3: 473

2. Multiples of 9:

Tens Ones
9 x 1 = 0 9
9 x 2 = 1 8
9 x 3 = 2 7
9 x 4 = 3 6
9 x 5 = 4 5
9 x 6 = 5 4
9 x 7 = 6 3
9 x 8 = 7 2
9 x 9 = 8 1
9 x 10 = 9 0

The tens column has the digits in ascending order beginning from 0 till 9, while the ones column has the digits in descending order beginning from 9 till 0.

3. Finding squares of 2 digit numbers.

Find squares of the 1st digit and the 2nd digit individually and write them with a gap in between as shown below:

43 X 43

4²              3²

16               9

Then multiply the digits with each other and by 2 (here 4X3X2) and place the resulting product in between the squares

16       24          9

Now start placing the final answer, starting from the right, considering the digits in the ones place and adding the digit in the tens place to the subsequent number on the left.


16+2       4 9

1849 – Final Answer…check it with your calculator!!

4. Greater than, smaller than sign identification:

Remember 2 heaps of cookies, one will have lesser and the other greater. The hand will always open to the one that has more! 

9 cookies > 3 cookies, that means that 9 is ‘greater than’ 3.

3 cookies < 9 cookies, that means that 3 is ‘smaller than’ 9. 

These hacks were easy ones. There are many more such hacks that a good Online High School Math Tutor will reveal over a year as you encounter each problem with new concepts.

In addition to the hacks above, you can use some of the hacks below which are offered by organizations like eTutorWorld. These are generic and will help you build skill and accuracy with each session:

5. Create a cheat -sheet with all formulae written topic wise  

or use the one created during a personalized High School Math Tutoring Over the years, the organization has mentored and groomed students to ace Math problems by helping them by personalized tutoring.

6. Practice and Hard Work:

Online Integrated Math Help for High School kids are well designed course ware offered to students to give them adequate practice for mastering formulae and methodology for solving different problems. 


7. Be regular and consistent with Homework:

It is important for the development of the students to be regular and consistent with their homework. Some students often find it difficult to do it all by themselves and hence tutoring organizations provide good Online High School Math Home Work Help throughout the course. This builds the student’s confidence as the improvement of grades show up with each test.

Importance of good rest, a good diet and adequate sleep is a bonus hack that boosts concentration. These are rewards that come when the entire stress is absorbed by professional tutors that provide Online High School Math Assignment Help and much more! 

For more hacks and a free demo session of personalized online tutoring session, log onto eTutorWorld and get started!

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