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Even the smartest  students sometimes under-perform academically as it is easier to procrastinate and find immediate gratification rather than put in the effort now & reap the benefit in the future. A lot of students tend to fritter away their time in an unproductive manner without picking up any real skill. This can put a bright student in a rut as years later they find themselves stuck with no clear vision of how to progress in their career with a few alterations and by adopting a few practices, you can make a change now to see your life spiral upwards.  Here are some steps you can take to improve your grades at school and beyond.


  1. Wake-up early and Exercise: Scientific studies have provided evidence to show that a good way to prevent the decline in cognitive function is to wake up early and exercise. Exercising regularly increases self-confidence reduces anxiety and depression. If you exercise every morning, it will give you a sense of pride as you have accomplished the first task of the day. This will encourage you take up other tasks for the rest of the day.


  1. Eat healthy: Eating healthy ensures you do not get sick and gives you the energy to be active through the day. Do indulge in junk food now and then, but it should not be your primary diet as there are chances of getting sick and falling back on your studies with may in turn impact your grades.


  1. Write down your weekly schedule: Just being smart will not get you top scores. Pen down a schedule that works for you each day of the week and have it on your bedroom wall. As you wake up early in the morning, let it be a reminder about the tasks ahead. Don’t plan routine that’s so over-bearing that it will just collapse on you. Take brief breaks from your routine and make time for occasional indulgences- this will help you focus and improve your productivity. Online tutoring companies like eTutorWorld help students plan a schedule with expert tutors to learn concepts.


  1. Figure out where you are falling short: Nobody is great at everything. There will be certain subjects/topics that you WILL hate.  Do not  avoid these subject/topics but  tackle them head on. As painful as it maybe, take a look at test papers on which you received poor grades. Note down the topics where you’re going wrong.  Think about the reasons why you’re not performing to your full potential with. The reasons could be external, like a family problem or an annoying bully at school or an issue with yourself, like struggling to pay attention in class or you lack necessary skill sets.  In any case, address these issues so they do not adversely affect your grades. Scheduling an online tutoring session will help overcome specific difficulties at a convenient date and time from the comfort of your home.


  1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions: When you don’t understand a concept at school, do not hesitate to ask questions. Many students are shy communicating with their teachers ; Get over your inhibitions and speak out. It’s easier to ask a teacher to explain something you don’t understand differently than you trying to figuring it out yourself. Personalized tutoring sessions with an online tutor saves time and helps tackle drawbacks.


  1. Take summer courses: You can get ahead from the rest of the class by getting an early start in the academic year. Summer Courses have been emphasized by a lot of educators as a way to achieve better grades academically. Taking up a summer course will help stress free learning without worrying about classrooms and exams. Research has shown that in many cases, the improvement was as much as DOUBLE that of their peers who did not attend summer learning programs. With eTutorWorld’s Summer Courses in Math, Science and English, you can make the most of your summer break and eventually get back to school a pro!


  1. Get a private tutor: At times you just might need that extra help. Give yourself a chance with an expert online tutor .  With one-on-one tutoring sessions you will find yourself getting more comfortable  asking questions.. Also, unlike a classroom, the sessions are personalized to your liking and requirements. You can focus completely on topics that you find difficult to grasp and further strengthen concepts that you are good at.
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