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Getting into a reputed college can set your child’s career on the fast track, and the SAT exam stands pivotal to determining which college or university he/she goes to. Preparing for the SAT is not a day’s job, and it is a parent’s duty to get their child ready to tackle this exam. Here are six easy ways to help you prep for your child’s test: 

1. Brace Yourself: Be Informed 

Before moving to your child, as parents you need to prepare yourself and get as much information about the SAT to solve any queries, doubts or issues their child may faces while answering the SAT . Doing a web search is a good way to start getting the logistical information. You  can also talk to your child’s teachers at school to get an idea of the entire admission process – from registering for the SAT, to college applications and essay writing and receiving the SAT test scores. 

2. Be involved: Guide your child 

As a parent, encourage your child to begin her prep early on. Help her draw out a regular schedule to have enough time to prepare for the SAT test without compromising on her school   grades. Understanding parents know how their child is coping and should be able to guide the child wherever necessary. It is also a good idea to discuss your child’s academic weaknesses and strengths with her tutors so they can set up an individualised study plan for her. 

3. Finding the right method 

In the tech age, the internet is the largest repository of knowledge for all and especially students. It is an excellent source to look for the appropriate SAT prep material. Go through online guides and practice tests that will help monitor your child’s progress. Further,  online tutoring services can provide suitable support and guidance to your child. Besides, remember, one good resource is better than many sub-standard ones! 

4. Keep the morale high 

It is a stressful period for your child, and the stress can adversely affect your child’s performance. While it is necessary to be encouraging, parents need to ensure that they’re never authoritative. While your child is prepping for the SAT, be kind and supportive without being authoritative – for instance, if she does poorly on a practice test, it’s better to encourage her to work harder through positive reinforcement than rebuke. You should be available for the child – physically and emotionally, and regularly talk to her about her emotions. Encourage your child to take breaks and help her maintain the work-leisure balance in life. There’s more to life than the SAT, and your child needs those breaks to unwind that in turn will help her prep with a new zest every time. 

5. Encourage healthy living 

For most students, exam and test preparations mean long periods of study with disturbed eating habits and little to no sleep. As a parent, you can prevent these for your child else such living patterns can lead to illness and lower your child’s learning ability. Prepare a healthy diet plan for the child, and dissuade her from consuming processed foods that have little nutritional value. 

6. The BIG day of the SAT exam 

This big day is when your child needs you the most. To prepare for the day, check the list of supplies required for the test, and buy them in advance. Check all the documents and stationary at least two days ahead, and do a  final  check on the eve of the SAT test. This will  make the day stress free and help your child focus on her SAT rather than worry about other irrelevant things. On the day, watch carefully in your child for signs of panic or anxiety and be prepared with encouraging words to help her relax. 

You are your child’s pillar of support and all the encouragement and help that you provide will help her do well on the SAT.

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