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Advanced Placement Class or AP Class is your key to success in college and the corporate world. Yes, high school is difficult, and adding a few AP credits makes it even more difficult. But there are some incredible advantages of taking an advanced placement class in high school.

If you are not sure about why you should add up to your high school stress, read on. Here you will learn the main advantages of studying AP courses in high school. You will also learn how taking an AP class in high school does not just improve your scores but also prepares you for the challenges of college and corporate life.

1.    You get to Impress the Admission Committee

Getting into a college takes a lot of effort and that includes impressing the admission committee and this committee does not get impressed by just marks. Most prestigious colleges want to choose individuals who are excellent all-rounders and are capable of working tremendously hard. When you choose AP classes in high school, you show the college committee that you are serious about your studies and willing to go out of your way to build your future.

It also puts the light on the fact that you can work hard while sacrificing play and party time. College admission committees prefer individuals who can think ahead, plan and stick to their plan. Overall, the college admission panel needs to know that you are committed to your future and willing to work hard to achieve your dreams. An AP class in your record adds up to your credibility and puts you ahead of other applicants.

2.    You get to Study a Subject In-depth

When you choose a subject in high school, you learn the basics of it. You are introduced to the subject along with some key topics. But when you choose to take an AP class in high school, you get to learn the subject in depth.

For example, if you choose Biology in high school, you will study a general biology course while the AP Biology class will have lessons designed with attention to detail and a focus on helping you choose a Biology major or minor in college. The AP class will help you score better in college because of what you have already learned.

3.    You Get a Head start in College

Some colleges allow you to earn AP credits if you take AP exams. An AP class prepares you to score well on a scale of 1-5 and you can add it to your future credits to stay ahead of your peers. The AP credit can help you skip one full college year. This way, you get ahead of your classmates by one year and also scale up in your academic plans. On the other hand, by skipping one year of college, you also save a substantial amount of money that would have otherwise gone towards college fees and other expenses.

4.    You Achieve Academic Success

As already mentioned, an AP class makes you work extra hard and arms you with extra knowledge that can come in handy while you take up specialization and majors in college. Furthermore, tackling one or more AP classes with your high school curriculum prepares you to put in extra hours towards studies daily. A study has shown that students who score 3 or higher in AP exams, experience greater academic success in college as compare to non-AP peers.  So, it won’t be wrong to say that the AP class helps you achieve academic success because of what you have learned in the subject and as an individual.

5.    You Challenge Yourself and Grow as an Individual

One crucial advantage that comes from taking AP classes in high school is that you learn to challenge yourself and think out of the box. AP classes come with an intense workload that needs you to work hard and study long hours. You also require extraordinary mental capabilities along with time management skills and discipline.

When you work on these skills early in life, by the time you reach the corporate world you will become a self-motivated person, who is open to learning new things and faces challenges head-on only to learn new things and stay ahead of others.

6.    You Improve your Chances of Receiving Grants and Scholarships

Your grades in high school, class rankings and other credentials can improve your chances of getting financial aid in college in terms of grants and scholarships. While several grants and scholarships look at academic excellence and ACT/SAT scores to calculate the amount of financial aid, some look at academic excellence and rigor. Therefore, having an AP credit to your name can instantly impress the admission panel and open the doors to the much-needed financial aid.

The Bottom Line

AP classes, even just one can be great for your GPA. It can also give your college application a boost by showcasing your rigor and interest in a particular subject. You can take one or more subjects according to your interest and future plans. However, not all colleges consider the AP scores equally. Therefore, if you have a favorite college/s, you must first find out their admission process and preferences and then plan your high school subjects accordingly.  

For help, you can turn to AP exam tutoring. Online AP exam tutoring can help you prepare for your AP exams while acing your high school subjects. By enrolling with an institution, you can learn from a subject matter expert and also get access to resources such as worksheets, mocks tests papers and more.

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