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Are you planning for the SAT to get to your dream college? If yes, then here are some tips and tricks which will help you to fulfil your desire. And the most important among them is to do well in the English section of the SAT. Here are five tips which will help you ace the English Section on the SAT.

1. Practice More with Worksheets and Mock Tests

SAT is the big gate for the top colleges in America, which makes it the most decisive exam in the world. Its English section is tricky and playful, with which most students struggle. To overcome this, you need to practice enough. This will increase your confidence and help you get a better idea about the format and type of questions. There are numerous worksheets and workbooks available. You can  search for online SAT practice worksheets  and tests that are free and easy to access. Though there are many platforms to prep you for the SAT, but the one which I find helpful and credible is eTutorWorld.  eTutorWorld’s SAT prep online tutors are knowledgeable and experienced. Other than teaching, post every tutoring session. they share regular worksheets and SAT practice tests with students. 

2. Find Your Weaknesses and Drill Them

Though this looks like one of those general motivational lines, but it’s not. You really need to find your areas for improvement and fix them. If it’s vocabulary; remember it, if it’s grammar; clear it and if it’s writing, practice it, but do it without an excuse.

3. Learn Time Management

Yes, you know it, but then you HAVE to show it that too just in 3 hours (and 50 minutes if you are taking essay writing). 154 questions and 180 minutes, that’s all, you have got. About one min and 10 seconds for every question. And in particular, 100 minutes for 96 questions for English part, which gets all the more challenging.

4. Skip the Most Difficult, Time-Consuming Questions

As we calculated in the last para, the test is time-limited, and you have to play it strategically. Never go for every question. If you think some of the questions are difficult and time-consuming, leave it for later.

5. Learn to Eliminate the 3 Wrong Answers

I am sure you have tried it in your childhood; time to redo it. As the SAT English section has literature and some tangled grammar questions, trying to eliminate the wrong options to help you to increase your score. Guesstimation, a combination of judgement and estimation is another effective way to increase your SAT score.

Also follow some good platforms that’ll keep you updated and motivated. Platforms which are online like eTutorWorld or offline like study guides which you can pay and buy. They have SAT test papers, SAT tutorials, blogs, quiz, world rankings and a lot more SAT prep content which will help you to overcome this hurdle between you and your dream college.

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