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ACT, American College Test is one of the most popular standardized tests in the country. It is often taken as an alternative to SAT and is accepted across thousands of colleges in the US. Is it better than SAT? Will it be the right test for you? Well, let’s find out.


ACT and SAT are both accepted by colleges at the time of admissions. So, you can take any or both of them to get a seat in your preferred college. What makes them different? ACT and SAT have different testing formats. ACT is based on the subjects and topics that you have studied at school while SAT tests your IQ along with your academic performance.

There is no saying which one is better for college admissions. You have to take a call based on crucial points such as your dream college’s admission criteria, your comfort level with the exam format, and your ACT testprep.

5 Reasons to Take the ACT

Every year, thousands of students take the standardized college admission tests and it won’t be wrong to say that all of them must have compared the ACT exam with SAT and made a choice according to their preferences. So, if you think you are the only one who is having a hard time making a choice, you are wrong. ACT and SAT are both popular and most of the colleges in the country accept both their scores.

Here are 5 reasons to take the ACT that will help you decide with a clear mindset.

  1. College Admissions

The first and foremost reason to take the ACT is college admission. Its scores are accepted in colleges and universities in the US and even in some 225 colleges outside the country. When you have the scores in your name, you can rest assured that you will get admission to a college of your choice. Of course, how high you go with your scores decides the range of colleges that you can target.

  1. School Curriculum Based

ACT is based on the school curriculum. This means, ACT tests you for your college readiness by testing the lessons learned in School. It does not require you to study anything else other than your school lessons. And that saves you a lot of time and effort. If you perform well at school, you automatically do well in the test.

  1. Convenient Format

ACT does not make it compulsory for you to take the writing test. You can decide to take it or skip it based on the admission requirements of your preferred colleges. If they need a writing score, take the test or else you can focus on the other sections and do well in them. Furthermore, ACT test does not have negative marking for wrong answers. This gives you a chance to guess the answers to questions you are not sure about. Who knows you may get lucky and score some extra points with just guessing?

  1. Multiple Attempts

Like SAT, ACT can be taken multiple times and you can choose which score you would like to share with the colleges. This point gives you a chance to improvise your score and your chance of getting into the top colleges. You can take ACT a total of 12 times. A study suggests that most students take it 2-3 times before seeking take admission to a college.

  1. Scholarships and Career Planning

ACT scores are commonly considered for scholarships by colleges and universities. Needless to say, top scores get the highest scholarship. So, your ACT score can help you save on your tuition fees. Isn’t that an awesome reason to take ACT exam while prepping for college admissions? ACT also has a career planning section that guides you in the selection of future subjects, majors, and more.


Several colleges in the US have made ACT test-optional, that is, they will consider your application even if you have not taken the ACT. But, experts believe that you should not bypass this test because the test-optional rule may be removed once the pandemic settles down. Furthermore, your ACT score will always come in handy when applying for scholarships and other financial aids.

So, these were the top 5 reasons to take the ACT test on October 23, 2021. Yes, it is test-optional at the moment, but consider taking it to improve your chances of finding a seat in top colleges in the country. It is like having extra cash while traveling to a new place, you never know when you will need it to turn around a situation in your favor.

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