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The cold winter is here and the below-freezing temperatures are enough to throw your kid’s activities off the track. Moreover, the sight of knee-deep snow outside can be a huge disappointment. The chill weather makes even the most adventurous child feel low-spirited. So how can you, as a parent keep the ‘bursting with energy’ kids happily occupied indoors during winter? Here are some great options for parents of preteens.

  1. Earn extra allowance – Which kid can say no to a little extra allowance? Assign them extra chores in and around the house for additional allowance and watch how those get done quickly and more importantly with a smile.
  2.  Let them read – A cup of hot cocoa and an exciting book are a great way to spend a cozy winter evening. Encourage kids to imbibe a love of books by taking them to the library and letting them pick books that they can enjoy reading.
  3.  Encourage community service –Preteens can be encouraged to begin giving back albeit in small ways- shoveling snow for a neighbor, walking dogs, or even serving at a soup kitchen – such activities can inculcate a sense of selflessness while keeping them productively occupied.
  4.  Pick up a new skill/craft–Staying indoors needn’t be all that boring – it can be a great time to pick up a new skill or craft – painting, model airplanes, robotics, and the list can go on.
  5.  Let them spring/winter clean – Why not use this time to clean up the house. Have your kids help you get rid of unwanted stuff and get the house spruced up for a wonderful warm summer. DIY decorations are a wonderful and affordable way to beautify your home.
  6.  Learn to love snow – It would be almost criminal if the kids had to stay indoors all the time – the snow can be a fun friend too. They could go skiing or ice-sledding. They could also use snow to build giant snowmen or fun snow castles or to have great snow fights. These are great ways to bring families and friends together.
  7.  Go on day trips – Winters is a wonderful time to get the children introduced to art and culture. You could visit local museums or kid-friendly shows – these would sow the seeds of aesthetic appreciation in the kids and help them know about various cultures.
  8.  Try a hand at cooking – It’s never too early to learn to cook – you could let your child cook simple stuff in the kitchen – who knows maybe this could be the start of an exciting culinary dream. ‘Cooking without Fire’ sessions can churn out yummy recipes like a tuna sandwich, the strawberry milkshake, or something healthy and wholesome like Fruity Peanut Butter Pitas!
  9.  Get ahead of school – Learning online is another great option for the cold winters. Parents can choose from a wide array of eLearning alternatives that can help children stay ahead of their class. eLearning sites such as eTutorWorld offer personalized online tutoring sessions for school students in math, science, and English. Their grade-specific worksheets are interesting and effective which can help your child gain the extra edge by staying ahead of her peers.
  10.  Play family board games–Get the kids offline – plug off devices and bring the family together. Unpack those long-forgotten board games and get the kids to plan game sessions for the whole family. Monopoly, KerPlunk, and Pictionary are all fantastic options.

Winter can be made truly exciting and educative for preteens which just a little planning and lots of fun-filled ideas. So, here’s to a cheerful winter!

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