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You can love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that technology is nowadays an integral part of our daily lives. Online conveniences are here to stay. From buying tickets and ordering food to learning recipes and creating Origami masterpieces, it’s much more convenient to take the online option.


Education too, and in particular, tutoring has gone online. Online tutoring programs, homework assistance, maybe online English tutoring or finding the right geometry tutor for your high school child, it’s all available at the touch of a button (or screen!!)


  1. Safety: These days, the value of safety cannot be understated. To have a stranger access your house and spend time alone with your young child, especially in your absence, might make some parents apprehensive.
  2. Convenience: You can take an online english tutoring class in your room, wearing comfortable home clothes. Even if you’re out of town you don’t need to miss classes. So long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Which is pretty much ubiquitous these days!
  3. Economy: Why would you want to hire an untrained college student looking to make a few extra bucks providing online english tutoring when you can have trained, highly skilled, and professional online tutors available at a better price? Even if the costs were the same, doesn’t a more competent tutor provide more value?
  4. Consistent: Once you book an online tutoring program with an online tutoring firm like eTutorWorld, you are guaranteed consistency. Should your regular geometry tutor be unavailable, a replacement tutor will seamlessly take over. No more missing classes or having to spend unnecessary time briefing the new geometry tutor.
  5. Recorded sessions: For many reasons, a recorded session is helpful. Students can view the recordings to revise, review and revisit a concept that they may not have understood at first listen. Especially helpful for online math or online english tutoring. Parents also can assess a tutor by listening to these recordings.
  6. Easy to replace: New tutors can replace older ones and retain the continuity of the topic or lesson, since all tutors make a note of the topics taught and student progress after each session. The fact that online tutors are easy to replace makes them less complacent too!
  7. Saves time, travel: Travel time and cost is often included in a face to face tutor’s overall fee. This is an expense that can be avoided with an online tutor.
  8. Less intimidating: Most times, the ‘digital veil’ makes a student less afraid to speak out or answer. Just the physical proximity of that grown up, intimidating geometry tutor can be, well, pretty scary. Especially if that tutor is in a bad mood!
  9. Punctuality: Isn’t it upsetting when you have to wait for a tutor who consistently shows up late? And then proceeds to spend another ten minutes explaining why. With online tutoring, classes start on the dot, since a tutor will usually have a class immediately after yours, and a delay could have a cascading effect. Also, online tutors cannot use traffic jams or vehicle trouble as an excuse!
  10. More transparent: From the point of view of parents, transparency is very important. Online tutoring programs usually outline the topics to be taught beforehand. Also, reports about the student’s progress and worksheets done are updated after every class. Periodic assessments or test results are updated regularly. All this ensures that a parent has a clear picture of their child’s status and progress.

With all of these factors in mind, and the fact that technology (both hardware and software) is getting better by the day, I am convinced that online tutoring is a much better option than it’s face to face counterpart.

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