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For an upcoming Standardized Test, students often dedicate a lot of time in preparation to attain top test scores. But, preparation strategies differ from student to student. Some students have a brilliant memory and hence remain in a better position when it comes to tests & exams. While some are comparatively slow in grasping or do not have the correct strategies for preparation.

So, here are a few tips to help you prepare better for your tests:

1. Early Preparation

Many students have the habit of procrastinating rather than working. They idly spend the time meant for test preparation on inconsequential pursuits. Thus in the end they are left with little time for the test prep that actually matters. Hence, the key is to start working towards the test much earlier. It not only prepares a good base for a proper study plan but also leaves time for revisions, evaluations, feedback mechanisms, etc. This is the first step to avoiding last-minute panic or hasty incomplete preparations.

2. Sorting of subject material

In order to prepare well, a proper management system of subject material is imperative. Sorting the material according to its importance or relevance helps in planning the preparation and the time to be allotted to each segment. You need to narrow down the material for gaining expertise in the subject and for that organizing the study material is necessary.

3. Extra Practice

Students tend to only study their books for tests. However, for a wholesome preparation, practicing with worksheets is equally important along with thorough knowledge of the topics included. Practice sheets not only provide a question bank but also introduce you to new areas and perspectives, which might have been missed out during preparation. Such practice work gives a chance to work on your weak concepts and improve them effectively.

4. Timed Tests

Whether a student takes online tests or offline ones is a matter of choice. The important factor is to prepare yourself for the method, which helps one during the test. During the exam, a major problem that most students face is the shortage of time. They either don’t get time to think or they happen to leave out some questions unsolved.  Hence, for effective preparation, students’ practice should be timed.  Push yourself to finish their practice sheets within the time limit so that you accommodate yourself according to the pattern.

5. Tutor

A student may need a helping hand at some point in time. Students may prepare for the test on their own. But, when it comes to knowing the nuances of the test or evaluating the practice tests that a student has solved, one needs the guidance of a tutor who is specialized in the preparation for that standardized test.  A tutor has the capacity to guide you in the right direction and answer questions efficiently that you might have taken extra time for.

6. Daily Practice

It is never going to be enough if the student is inconsistent while preparing for the test. If one intends to make a successful career through a strong academic background, the practice to do hard work has to be a daily affair. To prepare thoroughly, you must devote a few hours daily towards test preparation to cover as much material as you can. Regular practice and revision of the study material sharpens your memory and also aids you in the daily revision of the subject.

7. Group Study

It is always great entertainment when we sit with our friends to chat or to have fun. When the course is huge, group study is a boon. Friends and classmates can divide various topics among themselves, and then discuss them later amongst themselves. Such practice opens up new avenues for discussion and brings to view certain topics that may have remained untouched.

8. Connecting with the Experienced

People who are about to answer their tests are inexperienced regarding the test format or strategies for acing it. However, you can gain information about the test or the type of questions asked from students of higher grades, who have actually taken the test earlier. Such valuable inputs or notes from them prepare the mindset and shape your preparation according to the test format.

9. Optimism

No advice from teachers, parents or seniors can work if you as a student are not motivated or strong within. Hence, being optimistic about an upcoming test is necessary to retain a balanced state of mind. In such times of stress, never lose hope and try to give your best without worrying about the results. Being inspired and motivated by what you study is imperative for having an interest in taking the test and achieving success in the long run.

10. Eat ‘Brain Food’

Needless to say, junk foods are a total NO-NO just before a test. Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet throughout the day. It helps keep your energy levels high and therefore, makes you more motivated. Sipping on water helps your body remain hydrated and hence more active. Snack on nuts, fresh fruits, and yogurt while you are on a break from your preparation. It will not only refresh you but also increase your level of concentration.


Standardized Tests are a kind of feedback mechanism directed towards the evaluation of the knowledge that you have acquired during your school life. It works as a trustworthy criterion when it comes to the perusal of higher academic goals. Being concerned and prepared for academic success requires you to not only focus on your work but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each of us has the potential to achieve excellence but it takes enormous patience and effort to reap the fruits. Follow all the above techniques and see which one works in your favor. It is no wonder that you will start following all of these to achieve the maximum positive results in you.


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