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The general conception of a tutor is usually very mundane, someone who helps students acquire bookish knowledge.  However, this is a very shallow way of looking at the responsibility of a tutor.  A tutor not only helps students learn the given subjects, but also shoulders the responsibility of awakening young minds to a quest for knowledge.  There are many ways a tutor can support students to delve deeply during the learning process.

The process of teaching is not as easy as perceived by all. Tutors need to have the right attitude towards teaching,update their knowledge base regularly and stay well-informed about the new technical tools that will help them catch the interest of students and help children remain focused on the learning process. It would help newbies in the field of education to go through these tips

1. Tutor’s Attitude:

Is a crucial element. It can either make the teaching-learning process interesting or dull. It’s important for a teacher to keep the student in focus rather than the syllabus; to make each topic interesting rather than complete the entire syllabus as fast as possible. Engaging students in the discourse by asking questions and using humour is a good way to inspire them.

2. Student’s Attitude:

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A positive outlook towards learning about the world around and beyond helps students acquire and master the knowledge. Mere cramming, eventually, puts students on the reverse track, doing more harm than good to the purpose of education. Helping students to develop the right approach and attitude towards education is a tutor’s responsibility.

3. Being passionate about teaching and learning:

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A tutor’s passion to teach becomes apparent to students who are influenced by those positive vibes. During a lesson, a teacher’s enthusiasm to share knowledge is as obvious as a student’s pursuit for it.

4. Importance of in-depth knowledge:


Just knowing instead of learning about a concept is not enough. To start with tutors themselves need to master the irrespective subjects before they pass on that knowledge to their students.To remain updated on the latest progressions in the subject is imperative to a tutor’s growth as a person and mentor to her students.

5. Use of Multi-Media:

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The modern generation is familiar and comfortable with visual media.  Use of audio and video material appropriately, to recapture the attention and explain a subject thoroughly often helps students assimilate concepts taught. For instance, if one has to teach a dreary concept like subject and verb agreement, use of a video to explore the finer elements of the topic will help students immediately grasp the concept.

6. Electronic Research:

Tutors can help students acquire deeper understanding through electronic research.  Students can use web search programs to get information. For instance, if they come across a new word during the reading lesson, the tutor can inspire them to do research, find the meaning, usage and the historical background of the word.  The use of internet as an information channel is a good way to teach the topic.

7. Every Student is Different:

Tutors shouldn’t use the same pattern of teaching with all the students. Students have different personalities, perceptions, and learning skills. Use of appropriate teaching methodology to suit requirements ofeach individual student is the secret of being a good tutor. Individualization and personalizing each tutoring lesson is fundamental to the teaching-learning process.

8. Recapitulation and Reiteration:

Tutors should remember the perception of teaching, revising and repeating a concept, till students are able to retain it effortlessly and that concept becomes a part of their psyche.

9. The Joy of Teaching:

It is the dreamof every tutor to bring about that ‘Aha’ moment in every student’s life. The moment when the student has discovered knowledge from within is most crucial to her life. It is then that the tutor discerns the joy of imparting knowledge.

10. The Nobility of being a Teacher:

We tutors are privileged to have one of the noblest professions in the world. We should strive to keep up to the expectations that our students and the world has from us. Keeping this in mind and attempting to do our best by imparting the real knowledge rather than the fallacious one will help us do justice to our jobs.


Finally, it is you as tutor who needs to list out ways and tricks that you can apply in class and help students to accomplish an in-depth learning experience.


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