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Women at Work, are a force to reckon with. Because when they walk into an office, they are up mostly against a traditional setup created by men. While their comparison to men is understandable, it’s wrong. Women come with an exclusive set of capabilities, that may not be better than what men bring to a workplace, but they definitely move the bar upwards.

Women make workplaces better with their penchant for order. They know how to tidy up a place, motivate people with an inclusive attitude, and how to drive the business with crystal clear decision making. They can be awesome leaders; they can be perfect followers and they can definitely make for the best mentors.

At eTutorWorld, we have a wonderful team that is dominated by the gender from Venus. And we are honored to say that we work with strong women who are passionate about their jobs and work very hard every day to inspire everyone to give their best.

Here’s a thoughtful list of what women bring to the table at workplaces. All these points hold for eTutorWorld and every other workplace that has headstrong women in its workforce.

1. Communication

When it comes to communication, women up the ante with their clear words. They don’t assume, they don’t flirt with words and they do not mix words when they want to express themselves. If not anything, they might overdo the communication part but will never go wrong with it.

Studies have proven that men and women communicate differently because of an inherent difference in their brain structures. Women excel in assimilating and integrating and they are excellent when it comes to sharing thoughts. All of these skills also improve their language skills and make them the masters of effortless workplace communication.

Overall, it has been established that women use their communication skills to improve their relationships and enhance experiences. Hence, with women in the office, getting thoughts and ideas across the floor can never be a problem. (Yes, the same applies to gossip as well.)

2. Empathy

Women are empathetic creatures. They shed a tear for even their enemies. Ok, may be not enemies, but they are more understanding than men and are always ready with a shoulder for whoever needs it for a ‘cry sesh’.

Ironically, there are studies that show that men are more or equally emotional at the workplace. So, there’s no study to back up our claim that women make offices a better place with empathy but then, does this point need any proof?

We all can agree that women bring a certain soft and positive aura to the workplace and cut off the harsh edges that may have appeared because of all the formal talk and competition.

3. Discipline

Women bring an extra dose of discipline to workplaces, mostly because they have to accomplish a lot in the 8 hours they have. They work with a timetable and often optimize resources to accomplish more in less time. That is why you often come across women, who are flying across the floor or pushing the lift button (2000 times) till it arrives for them.

Here’s a study to prove that women do not waste time at work and are productive all through the day. Ok, this one proves that women are only slightly more productive than men but when you factor in working moms, the productivity difference increases substantially.

4. Critical Thinking

Women are overthinkers and planners. And both of those qualities make them critical thinkers who analyze everything till there is nothing more to be analyzed and there are no more open moves to worry about. Women bring to work their minds that are constantly churning out ideas and solutions and they are often behind out-of-the-box and brilliant ideas.

Here’s one more link that says women are critical thinkers. When they bring this skill to the workplace, they charge up the workplace vibes and take the productivity or let’s say revenue through the roof.

P.S – Why so many links you say? Because the world (read men) needs proof. They do not often understand ‘because I said so’ and get really annoyed with ‘I told you so’.


Women bring joy to the workplace table, with potluck parties, birthday celebrations, and women’s day parties. Their celebrations are often hard-earned and hence, the joy is well expressed, through food, music, laughter, and a helping of gossip.

If your office has been feeling a tad bit bland for some time now, it’s probably time to pull out that balloon box sitting at the back of the pantry. Blow them up, light up the cafeteria, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Let the women in the house plan the party. We need the joy in-between all the critical thinking and decision-making. Don’t we? Oh, and here’s the link.

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day at eTutorWorld, we would like to express our gratitude to all the tutors who go out of their way to light up their students’ paths and futures. We are honored to have such extraordinary women on our side.

Here’s a shout-out to all the hard-working women (non-academic) on the team who have become irreplaceable for us. Before we sign out, an extra loud cheer for Ashima  and Alka (our Directors) for piloting eTutorWorld with unflinching passion and dedication.

Dear men, in the team, thank you to you too, for being the wind beneath our wings. We see you, we appreciate you. Happy Women’s Day

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