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Your ‘Next Generation Child’s future is founded on the values, skills, and confidence you build in them through the present. Parents are the primary decision makers for their child’s life and as elders we must establish a good foundation for their entire life.

You can optimize the time your child spends in various activities, choose appropriate education hubs or learning centres that strive to achieve a balance between development and freedom; lively and sedentary experiences.Read through blogs frequentlythat are devoted to the experience of other parents and their children. Keep your kids safe and in check, while constantly motivating them.Here are a few tactics we suggest to help you bond better with your Child.


1. Be a Parent

I’m your parent! I’m definitely much more than being your friend.

Yes, being a parent involves setting boundaries, rules, having realistic expectations, and countenancing your child to suffer the consequences of their own actions. In case, there is a difference in opinion, suppose the tutor says your child isn’t doing schoolwork and child says that she/he is, make them show it after they complete it. If the youngsterfails a test, don’t blame the instructor. Talk to the child first – understand what they couldn’t understand in the test?

Kids learn from their consequences. Make them ‘accountable’ – let them face thesemoments, only then they will learn ‘responsibility’.

2. Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

TECHINCALLY Challenged? Well, every parent understands that, and yet know you would be their first “master-fixers” and therefore the child expects you to fix their technical mechanisms for them.  Make an effort – try to learn the basics and get an experienced expert to fix the instrument – if not a ‘fixer’ at leastplan to be the mediator.

The world is now interconnected. It is important for you as a parent to take a step forward and bridge the gap rather than be a hindrance to your kids advanced learning skills. You may probably never be able to catch up with them and yet you need to understand to what extent your little kid can use the technology.

3. Supervise Media

Always, consider what works best for them rather than for you as a parent. Tablets, PODs, Xbox, PlayStation, or even Search channels like Google, YouTube, and online games – know these mediums well. Learn to control what your child learns from these. Be reasonablyStrict.

Although you may love the ‘old CD player’ technology, it’s notvital to them and it’s not going to be. So be sure you remember who and what you’re dealing with.

4. The Way You Learn

You can’t expect them to know and learn all terms and conditions that you’ve picked up over the years. Time and trends keep changing.Even if some things seems extremely simple, they might be unbelievably unwanted today. Stay very clear, and explain things thoroughly, as best as you can.  There’s a better chance they’ll grasp better and remember it next time – situationally experienced culture. That’s better for both of you.Most of the time – if you have support from an online institute like EtutorWorld – you would be informed regularly.EtutorWorld provides customized learning program in Math, Science, English and Test Preps.

5. Counselling

True a parent knows the child closest, and yet as the child becomes aware of the world around him or her, they learn a lot from their peers, media tracks, and outsiders. It is then that you need a counsellor, who has previously dealt with a lot of parents of the same generation and is experienced to handle an unstable situation. For E-Tutors – a comprehensive assessment of the past and current course of child’s learning patterns and detailed education history and lots of other known factors can help speed the overall progress.

6. Bond with Experts

All your child’s life, several experts like Teachers, Tutors, Paediatricians, Psychologists, and licensed practical nurses are consulted and yet you remain the common person who knows it all. So,it is you who still can gauge your child’s wellbeing, and take action when something is not up to the mark. Learn about the latest research findings and all-purpose information that can help your child and your family cope with this competitive world of education.

7. As Online Tutors

We care about your child’s success in every aspect of his/her life – that’s because as online tutors we take pride in molding the child’s strengths in the right direction. Their performance speaks for us. Set a fixed time for homework, and be aware of his or her grades. Go through the practice test sheets, don’t wait for the teachers to contact you; feel free to connect with them. Our online student management system that allows parents to see their child’s progress. Review what’s done and what’s pending from the course outline regularly. Get an eTutorWorld for your child – it helps in constantly learn with a lot of personal attention.

eTutorWorld– a recommended online tutoring hub has helped thousands of students all across the US, and other parts of the world in building strong concepts in Math, and Science. At EtutorWorld, they help your child achieve, better grades in school and in various Standardized tests like ACT, STAR, SCAT, SHSAT, SSAT, SAT, AP, FCAT and through the school Olympiad tests.

We along with the parents can help the child through school transitions, assist them to keep their eyes and ears open. Aid them to proactively, ask for help when they need it. Surround your child by support, and make their Goals SMART.

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