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A unique, new age approach which is the result of years of research on the learning styles in adolescents and adults. This Learning by Design format is an approach that is designed to be inculcated in kids who are in the 3rd grade and above.  Research has shown that the ages of 7 to 14 represent the best years for learning the foundational concepts in education.  Learning by Design can engage children in deep learning combined with developing cognitive, social and communication skills that lay a strong foundation for them to become successful thinkers and decision makers in life. Learning by Design catapults children to take a liking to subjects that can otherwise be mundane and dull.

Education is just not about the number of books, homework assignments and standardized tests. Education should be holistic, which not only develops the grey stuff, but also brings forth the skills and talents of the young that prepares them to be the confident individuals of tomorrow.

In today’s high peer pressure scenario, parents sometime fail to understand that it is more important to be supportive rather than comparative. Grades do not determine everything of a child. Children who are slow learners when it comes to numbers & math might be excellent in the social sciences. Children have their own learning styles and patterns – something a parent needs to understand & encourage. Comparing peer scores with their children can lead to aversion for certain courses , avoid interaction with children who are high achievers and potentially  push the child into a negative spiral of becoming an introvert without confidence.

Experts at eTutorWorld with a combined experience of more than 200 years in teaching, tutoring and research at universities & schools are eTutorWorld’s practitioners of Learning by Design.

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