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AP Exams or AP Tests are the tests conducted after completion of AP courses in high school. AP courses cover advanced levels of the curriculum and give high school students a chance to analyze their potential and prove their readiness for college. AP stands for Advanced Placement.

AP exams are conducted by the College Board and are one of the most popular exams taken by high schoolers to boost their college application. AP scores are considered in the college application process and help students skip semesters with the college credits.

AP exam scores are not considered by all colleges but they are definitely recognized as a sign of hard work and persistence and hence, are known to impress the admission officers and improve the chances of selection.

What is the AP Exam Registration Process?

You can register for AP exams at your school if it offers AP courses. If your school does not offer AP courses, you can register to take the exam at a nearby high school that offers or administers AP exams. To search for an AP exam center near your home or school, you can check the AP Course Ledger. It is a comprehensive list of schools that are eligible to offer the test.

Once you narrow down the school’s name, you can call or visit and ask for the school’s AP coordinator. He/she will guide you from there.

How AP Subjects does College Board Offer?

There are 38 AP courses in various segments such as English, History, Science, Arts, World Languages, Computer Science, etc. You won’t find all of them at your school. Most schools in the US offer courses but the number of courses may vary. You have to choose your course/s among the options offered by your school. You cannot request a subject that is not on the list.

Currently, there is no limit to how many AP courses you can take in an academic year. However, this may change in 2022, with College Board fixing the number of classes between 2-4 based on the high school year (sophomore, junior and senior).

If you are not sure how many and which AP courses you should choose, you can talk to your school’s AP coordinator or your mentor. Experienced educators believe that students must choose subjects that they would like to study in college. It is also advised that you should go for a limited number of subjects to effectively manage the workload and get good scores in the current grade and AP exams. 

How Are AP Exams Scored?

AP subjects are scored on a scale of 1-5. For college credit, a student has to get top scores, which means, if you get a 4 or 5 in your AP exam, only then do you stand a chance to earn college credits and hope to skip a semester or a year. Anything less than 4 may not qualify for the credits but it will definitely boost your personal records and college application.

AP scores do not affect your high school grades or GPA. Both work independently of each other. Also, remember that all colleges do not accept AP scores for credit. If the college you want to go to, isn’t keen on AP, you completely skip the courses and focus on your high school GPA.

What are the Benefits of Taking AP Courses?

  • The most popular and desired benefit of AP courses is college credit. AP exam scores give your college credit which can be used to skip a semester. In some cases, students get a chance to skip two semesters or say a year of college because of the credit. In turn, they save money on tuition and other campus expenses.
  • Next comes the reduced timeline of graduation. When you skip a semester, you graduate earlier than your peers.
  • AP classes add to college readiness with their increased difficulty and in-depth study of a subject. They prepare students for all the hard work that is to come. Automatically, students who take AP courses, perform well in college.
  • College admission officers like it when they see a CV filled with extra efforts and nothing showcases extra efforts better than AP courses.
  • Last but not the least, AP classes, give you a chance to study the subjects you love. They are an opportunity to focus on your interests and as a result, your knowledge improves and so do your scores.

This was all about AP Courses and AP exams. Did you find what you were looking for? You can leave your questions in the comments below and our AP expert will be happy to help you out.

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