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SAT is a crucial test that needs thorough preparation. You cannot just decide to take it one day and line up at the test center. SAT has three sections and each one of them requires one or more test strategies for good scores. 

Here are some section-wise tips that will help you when you decide to take the SAT.

Reading Section

  1. Read the Passage Descriptions

Every question in the reading section has a description or an introduction. Do not skip it. Read it with a pencil in your hand and underline everything you deem important. It will give you the context and sometimes, you may even find answers in it.

  1. Underline Sentences

When you are reading, always underline bits and pieces that appear important. This strategy will save you a lot of time when you start answering the questions. More often than not, one thorough read of the paragraph will be enough if you take the time to highlight and underline it. Join SAT tutoring online to learn more about such strategies.

  1. Find a Strategy

The reading section is tricky since it covers a huge number of topics. So, it won’t be wrong to say that you can never be prepared for what may come your way. To handle this section efficiently, you must develop multiple attacking strategies because one thing is for sure, one method won’t work on all passages. Ask an expert (online SAT tutors) to help you find and develop multiple strategies. You will also need to learn to pick the right strategy or you won’t succeed no matter how many methods you know.

Writing Section

  1. Learn the Basics

The writing sections require you to have strong language skills. Your grammar has to be perfect and the vocabulary must be extraordinary. So, learn the basics and be thorough with them. A half-hearted attempt won’t work in your favor.

  1. Read a Lot

The best trick to writing well is to read a lot. Read everything that you can get your hands on, right from the newspapers to the sales brochures. Try to cover as many genres as possible because SAT picks up topics from everywhere and anywhere. SAT tutoring online can help you with proper and plenty of resources for practice.

  1. Write Short Answers

Your answers have to be precise. So, short does not mean you should skip details rather, you should focus on including only the important points. Avoid fluff and do not repeat yourself. Do not forget to format your content and use bullet or numbered points as much as you can.

Math Section

  1. Mark questions

Before you start solving the questions, mark the questions based on how sure you are about them. Start with the questions you the answers to, then move towards the questions that may need thinking or guessing.

  1. Underline Word Problems

Underline the word problems. Highlight the numbers and make stars where you think you need to focus. Find a strategy to mark up the question so that you do not have to read the question again and again.

  1. Learn Formulas and Shortcuts

You cannot ace the math section without learning formulas. With math, the thing is, you don’t have to sit down and mug up the lessons. you just have to practice more and everything will automatically stay with you. So, to learn formulas, practice as much as you can. Coming to shortcuts, you have to know them all because SAT is a timed test and a major part of your ability to score well depends on how quickly you can find the answers.

  1. Plug and Find

One smart way of finding the answer is plug and find. This one comes in handy when you don’t know how to solve an equation. All you have to do is put the options in the equation (one by one) and see which one fits. This method is time-consuming and should be used only when you are done with all the other questions. Plug and find can definitely help you score higher.

These were just a few strategies that can help you ace the SAT. There are many more such strategies and only an online SAT tutor can teach them to you. Find an experienced tutor once you decide to take the SAT and prepare only with top-class resources. All the best for your preparation. We hope this blog was useful to you.

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