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Education is facing a revolution thanks to technology adoption. Before laptops, tablets and I-pods, teaching was an activity confined to academic halls and homes. There was an age criteria for learning before, which is being rattled as andragogy is increasingly enjoying attention with the growing concept of life-long learning. Children of the next generation get to experience the benefits of modern learning. To use a gadget you need to be in the know-how of things and it was not long ago when computers and toys were seen more as distracters than effective educational facilitators. Today a gadget is more than just a contraption. It has value that only visionaries could have foreseen thirty years back. Tablets are slowly replacing school bags and why not? It is easier for students to do away with the inconvenience of carrying bags and resort to efficient means of living right from a young age. The Internet has grown into a formidable world that gives resources and opportunities for people who are unconventional. Learning has been made a lot easier, friendlier and more accessible. As learning can be done by adults as well through distance mode educators in general are letting go of hang ups. There was for some time a lasting feeling that the Internet cannot substitute a classroom. But that has been proved to be wrong as classes can be conducted online. Take the Web technologies and you will be able to reach out to more students than you can imagine in a traditional classroom. There are also networking sites where you can interact with other student members and get answers to all your questions individually. The discussion forums can be used to foster argumentation skills which will make students up to date with the latest trends in their subjects. Math can be discussed in conjunction with other Sciences to get a much broader perspective than what is usually achieved in a formal system where education is a do or die situation that is best dealt with by closeting subjects. There is a difference between perspective and interest. Interest is spontaneous whereas perspective is influenced by the environment. With games, Internet and widgets used to promote education there is a more informal culture which welcomes learning. Learning is an appetite and not just an evolutionary strategy. Interaction online can be controlled more easily as well. See how technology enables your learning through online classes by introducing innovation without compromising on rigour.
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