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Back to School Tips – Elementary School

For an elementary school child, the main responsibility of preparing for the new academic year is of the parents’. There are many ‘new’ aspects that both students & parents have to cope with:

New Curriculum & Expectations– More than any thing else, it’s the upgraded curriculum and subjects that makes most students nervous about a new school year. With the advanced syllabus, everybody knows that there comes about more study time and more home work. Many children begin to feel edgy when advanced topics are taught in class. Its always a good idea to have your little one practice for subjects like math, reading and writing ahead of the school year. This will help your child keep in touch during the summer break, know what to expect and feel confident when those topics are taught in a class room. You could either home teach your child or enroll her for a ‘Back to School’ program.

New books

With the new curriculum and syllabus, it is difficult to carry on the books from last school year. However, writing and art books with blank pages can be preserved, decorated and reused for practice and play. Children are always fascinated and motivated to study from their new books.

New Teachers

Its but natural for parents & kids to feel anxious about meeting and learning with a new teacher. ‘Will I like my new teacher?’ ‘Will my child’s new teacher understand her problems?’ are some obvious questions that arise. However, there is one basic thing we need to remember – All teachers are humans! They have emotions and a natural instinct to love and teach their young students. Moreover, as a part of their teacher-training program, all teachers are equipped to handle various situations and children from various social, emotional and intellectual backgrounds.If possible it’s always good to connect with new teachers and convey to them that you are happy to be involved in your child’s progress at school.

New class

In the new academic year, if your child is progressing to elementary school from kindergarten, you will have to mentally prepare your little one for a new environment in a new class room. Schools and teachers make sure that the transition to the next grade is gradual and smooth but its always a good idea to speak to your child about the progression.

New activities

Every year, your child will participate in various after-school-activities. Its always good to know the various after-school-activities your child can take up in the coming school year and get her mentally prepared for them. As a parent, be a part of the PTA to have a better idea of the various school events. Volunteer for school trips and other events to make your child feel happier and motivated.

New school kits

As your child’s summer break comes to a close, parents have a plethora of ‘Back to School’ kits to choose from. Each seems better than the other. Your child would want to own every other kit. However, choosing the right school kit depends entirely on what your child has and what is needed. Often shoes, clothes, bag packs, lunch bags and stationery kits can be reused from last year. Other than saving you some money, it would also teach your child the importance to value what they have and hence keep them carefully. Hand me downs from friends and family when their kids have out grown clothes is also a budget-friendly option.

So get set for the new school year and enjoy yourself see your little one go ‘Back to School’.

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