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Creative writing is primarily about crafting a form of expression. The four aspects that nourish creativity are thought, emotion, idea and experience. Rather than focus on how to write, focus on how to make someone write. Explore online tutoring techniques to nourish your means to self expression.

It is admittedly difficult to teach learners how to write creatively. The reasons for this difficulty are that creative writing is primarily expression. This means that in order to express creatively, the writer uses a form and gives shape to a new thought, emotion, idea or experience. The four aspects that nourish creativity such as thought, emotion, idea and experience are not common to all of us. We function at different levels in these aspects. However, they can be explained as part of the poetry classes. Rather than focus on how to write focus on how to make someone write. This leads to the question of stimulation which is essentially a creative urge. There has to be a facet of experience to provoke the learner to create a form. This is why there are no fixed ways of making learners write poetry.

Another reason why there is difficulty in teaching creative writing is that we are used to set standards and patterns to define and judge. This comes in the way of self-expression as there is only the pressure to conform as opposed to inspiration. Learners can be told to narrate their experiences in interesting ways. It has been observed that the art of exaggeration is commonly employed by imaginative children who would like to desperately share their experiences with others. This is one way of inspiring children by making them narrate their experiences in imaginative and interesting ways. Then another difficulty is that formal environments do not give enough independence to explore, discover and create. Poetry is a verbal art. This is different from verbal ability in the general sense. Poetry is as much an art as Origami. The difference is in form.

A workshop revealed that students who were affected by life were more likely to write poetry with a difference. They do not necessarily write rhymes but they craft verses that are extremely powerful in impact. This leads to the aspect of literary form. Either young poets may start writing in free verse or they may write in rhymes. Poets who begin by writing in rhymes may not continue to do so at a later stage and vice versa. Each individual poet evolves differently. Another important point about teaching creative writing is to be individual-centric rather than group-centric. At later stages in teaching creative expression try and make learners work in groups. But in the earlier stages learners of creative writing need a quiet environment and tutors must recognize this aspect. Explore online tutoring techniques, which can nourish your means to self expression through poetry or any other creative form that you like.

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