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The introduction and globalization of online tutoring has been recognized as a revolution in today’s education system. This method of tutoring through a web and online interface has been argued to be a better learning experience compared to the standard classroom setting.

It has been particularly popularized among high school and college students like myself, as it enables us to fit a learning session in our hectic schedule, on a subject/topic we’re struggling with. We can decide on a timing and fix up an appointment for the learning session, with our preferred tutor within the comfort of our homes! All this can take up barely any time if we’re familiar with the interface we’re using.

Access to a wealth of learning and curricular material online makes it a lot simpler to navigate through the topic/course under study. Online tutoring allows students to interact with tutors from any corner of the country or world and obtain world-class tutoring in the specified expertise. Regardless of where the student is located, voice conferencing during online tutorials enables the student-teacher interaction in real-time. Studying from the comfort of our own surroundings is beneficial and enables us to focus on the learning experience, without any distractions and worries.

Online tutoring courses are surprisingly cost-effective, in comparison to high school or university courses. If the sessions to be taken are planned earlier and the offers provided by the tutoring service are used wisely; the online courses provide a better benefit, and for a fraction of the price of a face-to-face tutor.

For a test or assessment coming up in a few hours, we can brush up our concepts and ask specific questions in an hourly session, feeling more prepared and confident to ace the exam! These short hourly tutoring sessions or even solved problems from expert online tutors have really saved me often from horrifying organic chemistry tests and math quizzes.

However, online tutoring is still a budding concept in the academic field and people all around the world are taking a while to familiarize themselves with it. Like using the new interface of WebEx, or even having a strong internet connection to carry on an online session smoothly, need a bit of an extra effort to acquire in an average house-hold. Culture differences between the tutor and the child (probably sitting in different corners of the world) can cause a communication gap during the ongoing session, causing the student to misunderstand a tutor. Whereas, the tutor can have a difficult time comprehending the student’s doubts. These issues can be resolved by training the tutor to adapt to the student’s needs, depending on where the student originates from.

Parents might also be required to help and spend more time with their child who take up online tutoring as an option, as the student may not get the attention that they would get with an actual tutor, and the online services do not have the ability to recognize potential problems the way a human might be able to. But, most parents don’t mind spending the little extra time (which is lesser than the travel time to the tutoring center) with their children to make sure they completely understand a subject.

Sometimes even the cost of the sessions can cause an issue, as some tutoring companies demand a high-price from the customers. This varies from company to company, and it is up to us to choose an apt service, fulfilling our needs within the required finances.

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Best Online Tutoring Review of 2016 from eTutorWorld Corporation

As you can see, there are both pros and cons of online tutoring services. The key is to find a service that provides benefits and features that balance out our needs and the expenses. In comparison with human tutors, online services might prevail, especially considering the convenience and low-cost. If a student needs extra help with a topic or an area of learning, online tutoring services provide the necessary and right help from a reliable tutor with a 24X7 availability.
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