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Soft Skills are skills that cannot be dealt with individually as it is an abstract quality. But, by learning a universal language like English, one can inculcate it as a habit that re-defines our personality.  These skills are especially important for school students as they are in the process to understand the realm of world and the activities that revolve around it. Needless to say, the students these days get very less time to for personality development as they already face a lot of pressure to achieve academic success. As a result, they often lack skills that sharpen and differentiate them by making their personality more pleasing and amicable.

Let’s look at some ways in which English learning can help students more equipped to transform into positive elements of a society.

•Communication Skills

English learning in school helps children develop communication skills which are looked forward by every organisation. It helps us to become active listeners which is essential to become effective communicators. With the help of reading books and different histories, students learn how to communicate in speech and writing to present their point of views and opinions to gain a better understanding of the audience.

•Interpersonal Skills

English helps students develop skills that are required to technically communicate with people all across the globe. With the increasing pace of globalisation where every country’s economy is integrating with the other countries, it becomes important to develop a sense of strong social communication. It can initiate from taking a small task of writing an email, chatting with seniors or even having any sort of digital communication. English learning helps students present themselves in best light by making them more confident and proficient in different social situations.

•Critical Thinking

English helps develop lifelong learning skills that give a scope to think reasonably. It adds subjectivity to our thought process. With the help of English, one starts questioning and evaluating information to find out in-depth logical answers on relevant subjects. This helps students to build their personality that is more subjective and individual and not merely a stereotype. It broadens their horizon of learning to bring about a positivity in their though process.

•Cultural Awareness

Learning of English language includes a lot of subjects and theories that can help raise a sense of cultural awareness among students. It makes them more sensitive towards the various aspects of diverse cultures by connecting with them in multi-dimensional ways.  With a deeper understanding of culture, one can acquire a deep familiarity with any foreign culture. It gives an opportunity to students to be more explorative and adventurous.


English helps one to become proactive in meetings and knowing people from different backgrounds.  It helps them spend time with people to gain knowledge and therefore enhance their learning. It unlocks mental blocks and drives our thought process to take active participation in having meaningful conversation with people.  It accentuates our body language by making us more creative with our pronunciation and gestures to express ourselves professionally.

Thus, we can see how English learning in school plays a vital part in shaping our personality to meet the standards of professionalism, ethics and knowledge in a global society. English can help students to devote the maximum amount of learning to develop these qualities among students.

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