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If you wish to gain admission to some of the best private schools in grades between 5 and 12 you need to take the SSAT. With a verbal section which includes synonyms and analogies, two math sections, reading comprehension section and an essay which is usually not graded but sent to the schools to which you apply. Getting a high score on the SSAT can be challenging and at the same time achievable with the right effort and support.

How can students ace the SSAT with online tutoring?

Online tutoring has been pervasive and widely prevalent and been found to be invaluable in helping the students excel in SSAT. Given the academic climate seen today, it has become vital that students aspiring to get admission into top schools get help from outside in order to excel in the face of the relentless competition. In the past, only students who were poor academically were taking outside help for theireducational and academic work. Today there is a greater need for higher skill sets which has led to even on par and gifted students taking help from online tutors. There has come a stage when these students not only take help with standardized tests but also approach tutors and other outside help for their academic work. The right help from online tutors can bolster the students’ knowledge and skill sets. Online tutoring has by and large helped students ace the SSAT. With tutoring, students get to become familiar with the content as well as the strategy required to for understanding and answering the questions correctly. These standardized tests can be a challenge even for bright students especially those who have attended progressive schools and they may find it difficult even to comprehend the questions asked. This is where online tutors become an invaluable source of support and guidance and it is imperative that these students take all the help they need and be properly guided by the tutors.

Design of the online tutoring program for SSAT

The SSAT has been aimed and designed for academically capable and talented middle school students who are aspiring to join private secondary schools in the US. To ace the test classes which are exclusively and entirely dedicated to vocabulary building and essay writing are indispensable and therefore students need to strengthen these skills. With regular practice tests given by online tutoring the students get a chance to familiarize themselves with the overall content, essay writing expectation and timed conditions of SSAT.

During online tutoring for SSAT every day of the week ends with a practice vocabulary quiz which is not just another exercise in memorization but an integral part of the overall learning. These quizzes act as powerful learning tools which ensure that essential vocabulary building is tied up to the reading material presented in other aspects and parts of the learning program and this helps in systematically expanding the student’s understanding in a specialized but utilitarian style and manner. Thus the overall approach to SSAT preparation through online tutoring imparts the necessary skills required which in turn enables success in high-school, college and wherever else the road leads.

One of the main reasons for success in SSAT through these exams is that the course is uniquely effective and intense while being demanding. Students who are highly-motivated, goal oriented and willing to put in hard work will get the most from theonline tutoring program.

Every student gets tested while under going the SSAT preparation with online tutoring and the most appropriate level for each student is determined. Under online tutoring the student has courses conducted at every level so as to challenge the upper range of a student’s capacity where possible. By this the students at any level become capable of exceeding their capacity by the end of the learning program.

Learning to answer the questions in a timed manner is another skill that students need to develop in order to be able to ace the SSAT. Once again looking for guidance from an online tutor takes the student a long way in timing their tests and practicing to complete the tests within the given period. With the guidance from a tutor with years of experience coaching these subjects the student receives all the skills required which are for better or worse today a feature of modern education beginning from the lowest to the highest grade.

The SSAT preparation includes:

  1. Full practice tests
  2. Vocabulary quizzes
  3. SSAT verbal lessons – vocabulary and analogy
  4. Reading comprehension
  5. Writing and grammar skills
  6. SSAT Math
  7. Skills development intensive
  8. Answering word and logic problems
  9. Recognizing SSAT trap.

What is the best way to use these online tutors for excellence in SSAT?

Tutors are known to help the students not only with the content but also with developing greater and better strategies, study skills and the necessary discipline required to ace the tests. Thereby these online tutors are also instrumental in helping the child develop skills for a lifetime of development and learning.

Online tutoring provides focused guidance and help with subjects

With tutors having gained expertise and knowledge in the subjects that they teach, the scope for the student for understanding the particular subject increases under the tutelage of a tutor.

Direct Instructions from Tutors increases effectiveness and efficiency

The tutors will invariably have extensive knowledge of the particular school for which the student is going to apply as well as know what the schools expect of the students. This guidance will prove invaluable to the students and along with the added advantage of subject matter expertise from the tutors, the student will start the preparations early and this will prove a great strength and prevents the student from doing last minute preparation.

Practice Tests taken with the help of the tutors aids in the overall preparation

Taking a few practice tests with the help of the tutor will help the student prepare well ahead of time and act as a pointer to errors and aid and assist in correction.Preparation tests with the help of the tutor also aid in understanding the format of the question paper and thereby answering the questions in a timely manner.

Tutors are seen to be useful in remedying learning difficulties

The tutor with his vast experience will be aware of areas in a particular subject where the students are bound to face difficulties and areas where students in earlier batches have failed. This will enable the tutor to guide the student in avoiding pitfalls.

Taking all these benefits into consideration it would be advisable to take the help of an online tutor to gain a competitive advantage while trying to ace the SSAT.

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