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In the course of a lifetime one may find a great deal of hidden talents which were not realized earlier. One of them is teaching subjects that one is fond of. The reasons for not pursuing what you like are usually practical. In case studies of career choices made by students, it was found that immediate needs had to be fulfilled which is why students were more likely to be a part of the rat race. When the need is met students were more likely to be independent and original in their thinking and decision making. The herd instinct takes over as one gets desperate. According to W.D.Hamilton, an evolutionary biologist, each individual group member reduces the danger by moving as close as possible to the center of the fleeing group. Although it brings members of a group together it does not eliminate self-serving interests. This holds true for learning as well. It has been a delightful theory in the context of understanding what the learner really needs as opposed to what he/she wants. The desire to pursue one’s passion nevertheless does not get destroyed. It is suppressed till a later time comes when it resurfaces on the conscious plane of the individual. This is why you find many pursuing teaching after their prime. They would like to share what they know with young learners in order to shape their eager minds. They also have the added advantage of experience which they can use to help students relate to them. As panic reduces and a stable situation is reached then you are more likely to listen to your inner voice. Teaching Mathematics demands of the teacher passion for the subject and the strong desire to connect with young students apart from knowledge of course. A class with a passionate teacher is typically referred to as an ‘open classroom’. A high level of enthusiasm leads to higher amount of success in students as well. Passion cannot be in the guise of pretension and unless a teacher has a bond with the subject he/she teaches, learning will be inhibited as well. There are many however who do not know how to go about getting teaching assignments. The formal environment is not the only option and in any case it may not suit everyone. There is a demand for online tutors as students prefer to use these services after their class hours. If a passionate Mathematics teacher wishes to make a difference to not only the academic performance but also the quality of learning in students then the online medium is a good platform to begin.
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