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Tutoring is the supplementary help that comes from outside of school. It is chosen for various reasons, such as when a child needs homework help or when parents are unable to monitor the academics. It is also often chosen by parents of specially-abled children in case of both physical and mental disabilities.

Research suggests that tutoring can help strengthen the topics/subjects taught at school. It can effectively fill in the learning gaps caused by various disruptions. Tutoring is known to improve comprehension, build self-confidence, and lay the foundation for strong learning skills. The recent pandemic also affirmed that students (all age groups) can highly benefit from tutoring, online tutoring in particular.

Importance of Tutoring

The reason for choosing to tutor varies widely and completely depends on individual requirements and setup. For some pupils, it might be the need to perform well at school while for others it may be the only choice in absence of proper guidance at school or home. Here are 5 points that highlight the importance of tutoring for students, across all grades and age groups.

  1. Fills Learning Gaps

Learning gaps are one of the most common disruptions that affect children’s performance at school. Tutoring for individual subjects or all subjects can effectively fill in those gaps and help children improve their grades. It offers the extra help that sometimes children need to understand a subject and helps them jump to the next topic.

  1. Creates Space for Self-Paced and Self-Directed Learning

It has been proven time and again that every child learns differently. They require personalized instructions and time to pick up lessons. Tutoring provides children with a chance to learn at their own pace and in their own style. They need not hurry through lessons and the tutor can also offer a different perspective into a topic, in turn making it easy to understand.

  1. Challenges Bright Minds

Tutoring helps brilliant children achieve their full attention. It appropriately challenges them and keeps their minds stimulated. Tutoring can improve the productivity of brilliant minds who otherwise feel bored at school because the curriculum/lessons are too easy for them.

  1. Improves Grades and Confidence

An obvious outcome of academic help is improved grades. When children learn better, they automatically perform better. Tutoring helps children by covering almost all the learning challenges that they may be experiencing. It fills in the gaps, provides appropriate handholding, and results in both good grades and a positive self-image.

  1. Paves the Way for Lifelong Learning

Tutoring compels children to spare time for academics after school. It automatically creates a space for learning and revisions and in turn, improves both work and study habits. In the long run, tutoring instills a love for learning in children and helps them understand the benefits of a disciplined approach towards academics.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring offers all the benefits of tutoring along with some extras that come with the usage of technology. During the pandemic and even now, in the post-pandemic world, online tutoring has suddenly taken the center stage and is changing the academic narrative for students with any and every type of learning requirement.

Following are the key benefits of online learning.

  1. Convenience

Convenience is probably the first that comes to mind when someone says online tutoring. This form of learning gives students the freedom to learn from anywhere. Plus, it relieves parents from the duty of chauffeuring children to and from the tutor’s place.

In the post-pandemic world, online tutoring has added safety to the convenience factor. In 2020-2021, it gave millions of children across the globe, a chance to stay abreast with their academics from the safety of their homes. Even now, it is the preferred mode of learning in the countries that are still fighting the virus and for the vulnerable children who are limited by their health.

  1. Personal Attention

When children receive personal attention, they learn better. This is because every child learns differently and when they get the instructions customized to their abilities, they learn faster and perform better. At school, personal attention is understandably difficult to come by. But online tutoring offers exactly that in a fun and interactive environment.

Most online tutoring platforms offer customized lesson plans that are tweaked according to the student’s abilities and learning requirements. And this kind of customization goes beyond school curriculum to test prep and even extra skills such as Coding.

  1. Flexibility

Online tutoring offers flexibility in learning. It lets students learn at a time convenient to them. The classes can be rescheduled and even recorded for a later time. So, if a child is not in a mood or condition to study, he is free to log in later and learn without worrying about missing out on a lesson.

  1. Technical Knowledge

Online learning teaches a lot of new things to children including the technicalities of using a computer and an internet connection to learn. They learn how to use the learning tools along with basic computer applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, calculators, and more. No computer class can teach as much as the constant use of computers can.

  1. Dynamic Assessment

Online tutoring offers you the benefit of dynamic assessments. It is a very important factor in determining the efficiency of a lesson plan and making amends when needed. Online tutoring helps through frequent assessments that help parents and tutors understand if a particular method is not working for a child. This kind of instant data helps them make quick amends and helps the child appropriately.

Tutoring may not be a must-have for all children. But it only has benefits for those who choose it. Online tutoring offers all the benefits of tutoring and some more and helps children improve their grades by leaps and bounds.

Dear parents, please consider online tutoring for your child today and solve all learning issues in one go.  Head to the eTutorWorld website to find perfect academic solutions for your child.

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