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All the year round, students are overloaded with their studies and are seldom free to explore new things. It is only during summers, that the bright sun rays open up the hidden vistas of joy for them to mingle in the frolic of the season. But, summers must not be wasted loitering without any purpose and aim. The valuable free time that students get, must be engaged into doing something creative and worthy. Children do need a break from the monotonous routine, but certainly not from learning.

Here are a few ways through which they can be encouraged to resume their studies during the summers too:

Loading them with Books







Source: MDIHS Library

Learning should not be limited to the course prescribed in the curriculum. Rather, it should be all pervasive, covering a wide range of sources. Summers give them a chance to move out from their regular textbooks and head towards the world of enjoyment through novels, imagination through poetry and various other faculties through different kinds of books. It not only expands their area of learning but also makes them a lot more aware than others. Such joy in learning is what they need during summers.

Enrolling them into Summer Courses

Summer is the perfect time for parents to get children enrolled in various courses. They can be related to math, sciences, creative writing, foreign language, book publishing etc. It gives them an idea of their own interests, passions and also the industry while making their career choices later in life. Through this, they also learn new things with time being judiciously utilized.

Unconventional Ways of Learning







Source: Fairfax County Public Schools

Learning or studying is not always pursued by just sitting in front of the books all day long and cramming the content. It can also be made interesting if parents put a little more effort. Summer is the time when students are at home and hence, learning or studying should be made interesting instead of being stopped. Interest in studies during holidays can be enhanced by playing games that lend learning or by taking them to a solitary walk and discussing various new things and concerns alongside. Through this way of engagement, they can also be made to revise the things they have already learnt or are learning. Here, the role of parents plays a huge role in nourishing the mind of the child.

Deadlines with Recreation

It is to understand that summer is not the time when your child can be expected to study for longer hours without any recreation. Time should be spent on recreational, extracurricular activities. But, time must very cautiously be spent on the activities your child desires and what interests him. Children’s mental energies must be invested in that particular activity and some kind of learning must be reaped out of it along with deadlines in their perusal. This way, they will learn the virtue of education and learning as an activity they love and find themselves interested in. It will also make them realize the twin activity of discipline and ease i.e. education is important and should be pursued with discipline, but sometimes with a certain ease.


If you are unable to generate interest in your child regarding studies during summers, then you must enroll him into some book clubs or get him/her library or club memberships. This helps the child to develop an interest when he meets all sorts of people and forms a thread of communication with them. Such exchange of ideas makes your child equipped with a new vigor for learning. Clubs related to technology play an instrumental role in enhancing a child’s STEM skills.

Through all these activities, a child can certainly be motivated to study even during summers. To make a child willing to learn and study he should never have a set pattern. One has to try new things in order to suit his interests and benefit. Learning is a constant process and must not be made a restricted activity. It should be expansive to other mediums as mentioned above for the overall growth of the child.

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