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May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility

The holiday season is an exciting time for young people. Festivities at home and at school—not to mention the anticipation of a vacation—keep kids well-occupied as the end of the year draws near. At the same time, students have knowledge to absorb if they are to remain on track with their college and career goals. Still, this need not be an either-or scenario. The joy of the holidays and the continuation of scholastic pursuits can happily coexist with the adoption of a few tools that enhance learning productivity and efficiency. Online tutoring services from eTutorWorld boosts a child’s educational performance and capacity even in the midst of holiday fun and merriment.

Individual Attention



An experienced and professional one-on-one tutor can address an individual student’s strengths and weaknesses more quickly and accurately than a teacher with 30 children. While a classroom instructor can present the academic material and concepts, a wide variety of aptitudes receive this information. Some students may get it right away but struggling students may be lost…and gifted students may be bored. A personal tutor provides the right balance of nurture and challenge for each child. Furthermore, tutoring can be tailored to a student’s particular needs, e.g. daily homework assignments, test prep or time management.

Convenient Online Sessions



Technology now affords parents the ability to employ tutors anywhere in the world. It also gives kids the opportunity to learn without having to be driven to a learning center or library for tutoring. The voice-based sessions offered by eTutorWorld are not one-way lectures, but interactive periods when assignments and worksheets are passed back and forth between tutor and learner; dialogue is continuous; the tutor guides the student in problem-solving; and an authentic relationship is created. The shared online whiteboard allows both parties to see how each works out a problem and solution. Best of all, each tutoring session is recorded so the student can revisit a lesson as a means of learning reinforcement.

Review Worksheets



Speaking of reinforcement, eTutorWorld adheres to the tried and true tradition of practice. To that end, its tutors provide students with review worksheets that track closely with what is taught at school. Worksheets are grade-specific, subject-specific and test-specific. For example, a worksheet created for a grade 5 student preparing for the SCAT, will focus on the structure, content and technique specific to doing well on Intermediate SCAT. This is a key skill when time is precious. Not to be left out, parents can utilize the answer keys to quiz their children outside of the tutoring session.

For children needing a boost in any branch of math, science or language arts, the optimal services offered by eTutorWorld can make all the difference in their academic performance. For those students who must achieve high test scores on the SSAT, ISEE or SAT to meet admission standards, the individual and user-friendly guidance of eTutorWorld will enhance the probability of entering the school or college of their choice. Kids can enjoy this holiday season from a position of strength, not stress.

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