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The story ‘A Brilliant Idea’ teaches us to be sensitive towards others feelings and help others in the best way we can. It also demonstrates to young readers how one can be happy by sharing and giving away someone who is in need of help.

Richie, Kevin, and Kimberley are keen to help a little boy Terry. Their mother Miss Olivia told them about how Terry wanted to work to help out his parents. Richie then came up with the idea of making and packing popcorn, then giving it to Terry to sell. By doing this Terry earned good money and soon became popular. In this way the three children gave away their gift of corn from Uncle Scrooge.

Answering multiple-choice-questions given at the end of the story is one way to excel in English Language Arts(ELA) and vocabulary. These questions have been constructed by our expert online English tutors who teach students the intricacies of the language. Personalized tutoring and regular worksheets strengthen students’ ability to read, understand and comprehend ideas conveyed by the authors.

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