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The story ‘Who is more to blame?’ teaches us to be sensitive and considerate towards others feelings. It also demonstrates how young readers should look at their own mistakes before blaming others.

Young Bettie loves the bird on her favorite hat though the bird had died a long time back. She rebukes and beats up her big black cat, Garfield who was about to devour her hat with the tiny, little bird on it. Just then her mother, Rachael comes to Garfield’s rescue. She explains to Bettie that it was bad Garfield was trying to tear apart Bettie’s hat and the little bird on it but it was worse when Bettie took away the bird away from its mother. Bettie then realized that she herself was probably more to blame than Garfield for the death of the little bird.

Answering multiple-choice-questions given at the end of the story is one way to excel in English Language Arts (ELA) and vocabulary. These questions have been constructed by our expert online English tutors who teach students the intricacies of the language. Personalized tutoring and regular worksheets strengthen students’ ability to read, understand and comprehend ideas conveyed by the authors.

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