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Many private schools require students for admission to take standard tests which help the schools assess the level of preparedness of the student for educational / academic work. The most pertinent and common tests being used to determine this are the SSAT and the ISSE. While your child may have done well in her previous school, there is a standard test which is necessary for gauging the child for admission to a private school. One may wonder what the reason is for the requirement of the admission test, when after all the child has had good grades and her teachers have given her a certificate of good conduct. The problem is that the admissions team in the private schools have no way of knowing exactly how much and what your child has learnt in the current school or what the child has not learnt. These standardized tests level the playing field for all students! They are a measure of your child’s performance against standard bench marks.

E-tutoring gives you and your child a new and modern approach to acing the SSAT. E-tutors with the years of experience and knowledge combined with the wisdom that comes with experience are able to take away the drudgery of preparing for these tests by bringing in a systematic approach devoid of ambiguity and provide you with a basic set of rules for the study process.

What the students must be aware of before beginning the preparation:

Testing is only part of the process of admission and it gives an indication of your child’s aptitude for the academic work which he or she would be taking up.

These tests test the child’s aptitude for math and language with a list of multiple choice questions. The language section comprises of exercise in comprehension and vocabulary. The math sections would deal with basic algebra, arithmetic and geometry. The important thing that the student should remember is that there will be negative marking for wrong answers – quarter of a point will be deducted for a wrong answer. These and many more such important and noteworthy points are what an E-tutor is able to bring your focus to. With this understanding the E-tutor prepares you in such a manner that the rigor and the tedium is removed.

Other areas where the E-tutor prepares you:

There will be experimental questions and the student may not even be aware of which ones these are. The clue and the advice here is – answer as many questions as possible and answer those for which you are reasonably sure of the answer.

Please ensure that you take full advantage of the E-tutoring class and take as many practice papers as possible to assess your skills levels and your competency levels. Taking the aid of the E-tutor you should ensure you have corrected your errors much before taking the test.

Become familiar with the test format. This is another area where the E-tutor will be able to guide you. The student may be aware of the answers in and out, but if he is not aware of the format he / she may not perform to the fullest potential.

The E-tutoring will give you a smart way of preparing for the test and keep you disciplined in your approach. Starting your preparation early and not cramming the content and / or the subject is another point to bear in mind and this again will become a part of your “learning smart”. Knowing what is expected of you, taking practice tests and as many as you possibly can, reviewing the subject matter with your tutor as many times as possible – all these become routine and fun with the right help from the right tutor. Remember that if your child is applying to a competitive school, her getting excellent test scores will be a deciding factor in his / her favor.

Do consider an experienced E-tutoring service for your child’s educational needs.

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