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The invention of internet has modernized the manner of retrieval and exchange of information. It acts as a treasure house of knowledge providing information about almost anything in the world, as a social interaction platform with social networking possibilities, a market place with eCommerce opportunity, a virtual workplace with telecommuting options, and a place for learning with e-learning capabilities.  The value and the scope of internet based activities are constantly growing due to their steady success rates. E-learning is probably the foremost of these activities with the greatest potential benefits.

Thanks to the array of smart devices, innovative learning styles and interactive multimedia components, e-learning methods have evolved as more efficient, structured and scalable education systems than the traditional methods.

The key enablers of the growing success of e-learning are:

 Affordable costs

E-learning systems provide value added education services at reduced costs. The widespread uses of smart devices and internet have made these systems easily accessible to all. The course fees of online programs are more affordable when compared to the conventional courses.  As the result of multiple structuring of course subjects into different levels, a student has more options to make a choice based on the purpose of learning.

 Accessible at all times

The greatest advantage of e-learning courses is their accessibility. The course materials are accessible literally at any time of the day and from any part of the world. This feature has not only saved time and effort of commuting to the universities and institutes, but also enabled self-paced learning.

 Flexible learning

The online learning methods offer flexibility in selection of courses, fixing their schedules, duration, and learning styles. Due to the use of portable devices and virtual platforms, e-learning is possible even during travel or leisure time. Hence it enables working professionals and students of other regular programs to easily organize the learning process without allowing it to affect their daily routines.

 Simplified content

The implementation of novel learning approaches like micro-learning and gamification have simplified the learning of complex concepts to a great extent. The systematic planning of content in innovative formats like storyboards, infographics, audio instructions and video presentations has made learning quick and easy.

Enhanced learning through live teaching sessions

The invention of online communication channels like web conferencing and Voice over IP has boosted the power of e-learning with enhanced capabilities for live teaching known as online tutoring. The students of e-learning programs can interact with online tutors for obtaining help whenever they need it. Their self-learning efforts get augmented by the real-time assistance and inspiration provided by online tutors. The possible information overload and difficulty in understanding complex concepts are eliminated by the help of an online tutor.


Invoking interest

Education combined with interactivity creates wonderful results by making the learning more effective and enduring, especially for the younger learners. The delivery of course content in various multimedia formats has made it easy to perceive and understand the material. Children are fascinated to learn using online programs due to the interactive way of presenting the content in the form of games, puzzles, quizzes, storytelling and animations. It kindles interest to learn newer concepts in a fun-filled manner.


Improved course control

E-learning programs enable a customized learning pace providing room for easy tracking of progress by the instructor and provision of timely feedback and suggestions. They are also made scalable and adjustable according to the individual proficiencies. The better manageability of course flow is the unique benefit of online learning.

Inquisitive learning by means of online tutoring

There are some unique challenges involved in e-learning that are absent in class-room learning. They include increased time and effort due to self-learning, tendency of losing interest owing to solitary learning and lack of social atmosphere and the need to adopt a more mechanised process of learning. However, these challenges can be tackled more effectively by online tutoring methods. Online tutors play a vital role in meeting the above challenges by means of one-on-one interactions, virtual discussion boards and e-mail feedback. They promote interest in learning by humanizing the learning sessions as seen in the traditional methods of learning. Kindling interest is essential in keeping the focus and momentum of students and enabling inquisitive approach towards learning. The impetus obtained through online tutoring has a tremendous impact on the success of e-learning programs.



E-learning methodology has all the benefits of traditional methods of learning with many added advantages as discussed above. These immense benefits of adopting e-learning in education have made it the fittest way of learning to survive. E-learning methods are well-established to take a leading edge over the conventional methods of learning in the years to come.

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