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Are you looking for an English tutor who knows how to break down the language and can easily walk you through the very confusing tenses? Well, if you just nodded your head in a ‘Yes’, here’s a quick guide that will help you find one of the best English Online tutors out there.

Do you Need a Tutor?

Before you set out to look for online tutoring for English, ask yourself – ‘Do I need an English Tutor?’. If the answer to that question is a resounding yes, go all out to find the perfect one, with the following list in your mind.

 Qualification of the Tutor

When you are looking for English Online Tutors, you must always start with the qualifications of the teacher. Your tutor should have all the required credentials to teach English and also to teach. Multiple degrees in the English language won’t help you if your teacher doesn’t know how to teach. The tutor must be polite, adaptable, and experienced.

 One-to-one or Group Learning

Online tutoring for English comes with the option of one-to-one learning or group learning. If you have a lot to learn for your current grade level, it will be best to go for one-to-one. Because that way you won’t disturb the learning pace of other students in the class.

 On the other hand, if you are confident about your skills and you would like some company for English practice, group learning will be best for you.

 Check the social media

No, not the Instagram page. No number of followers on Instagram can vouch for a teacher’s abilities. Rather, go for stories, check out reviews, and if required ping a few ex-students to talk about the tutor.

 Be realistic with your expectations though and hold opinions loosely because teaching is a tricky job. You might meet one student who raves about the teacher and another who did not like their teaching method. At the end of the day, you will have to pick the traits that you need in your online tutor for English and run with them.

 The credibility of the Platform

The qualification and credibility of the teacher are not enough. You have to ensure that the English Tutoring Service that the teacher is associated with, is also credible. This point is important because the credibility of the platform will ensure the continuity of your sessions and their quality.

 A good platform will also provide things like an easy-to-use user interface, good quality resources, and most importantly, a result-oriented approach that is vital for your progress.

 Finding an English tutor with the above list is easy. You can add more points to the list according to your learning preference. The point here is to find the perfect tutor who will know how to teach you a language that is formally used across the globe. So, you can create a personalized list if you want and find an online tutor for English that fits the bill.

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