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Literature and language are related in form but not so in style. There is a difference between making statements and expressing yourself creatively. Plain statements may be grammatically correct but they do not necessarily have emotional impact. They cannot give a sense of awe to the reader or listener. If you give instructions you need to ensure that the meaning is understood by the recipient. Here you abide by the rules of grammar and nothing else is asked of you. But what if you feel like expressing your emotions through music or through visual art and are not able to do so. You have the choice of expressing your emotions through words. This is the first step towards self-expression. It makes you feel alive by creative synthesis.

Creative expression of your emotions can be in the form of a poem or a story. But you need to have vocabulary and knowledge of the various styles of linguistic expression. You can gain vocabulary through reading and using new words that you learn. Whenever you come across a new word highlight it and find out its meaning in different contexts if applicable. Try framing sentences out of those words. After doing that go back to the book where you found the word and read the sentence to yourself. Examine the style and context in which the word is used. You would then comprehend the meaning of the word and in addition you would know its correct usage. While this approach is linear you may not get far purely by this method. You need to establish a bond with what you read and the style of writing. Style is what distinguishes Literature from Language. What unites Music, Poetry and Art is creative synthesis. It is this creative synthesis that will make you want to express yourself in a pleasing manner.

Self-expression is not limited to artists but what differentiates their form from plain expression is the manner in which their thoughts and emotions are expressed. John Milton’s epic ‘Paradise Lost’ could have been based on one single thought which is the war between ‘Light and ‘Darkness’ or ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’. This thought occurs to many people but they do not express them in the form of an epic necessarily. This transformation is possible through creative self-expression. Creative writing is also taught online where ‘teaching’ acquires a different meaning in that it takes the form of ‘guidance’. There are online classes which teach you techniques. At the same time they do not interfere with your style of expression. Rather they help you refine it. Let your flower within bloom through online creative writing tutoring.

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