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The answer is a big NO!

Sleep is extremely important for anyone wanting to do well in exams, sports or any other enterprise. There is enough research out there that clearly proves the point. The right amount of sleep and nutrition help kids and teens focus; and focus is the single-most important factor for anyone wanting to ace exams.

The most obvious manifestations of ‘lack of sleep’ in children are mood swings, no or little appetite, behavioural and attention disorders. Clearly none of the aforementioned help one focus or concentrate! And that concentration and peace of mind are essential for go-getters is yet another scientifically established fact.

Researchers have time and again indicated that kids and teens should treat sleep with the respect it deserves. Adolescents are specially advised to keep away from ‘all nighters’. Those who follow a healthy diet and sleep pattern are likely to retain more information; have better memory; and feel less tardy. You will actually feel peaceful, keep away from fights and be able to think rationally in tough situations. And that is exactly what one needs to sail through end of year assessments.

So check out these easy to follow exam tips and ace your end of year assessments.

Get the right amount of sleep

Cannot emphasize the point more; at the peril of seeming repetitive – we insist that‘SLEEP IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!’ You’ll be less careless and your brain will absorb more information. You’ll retain lessons and tricky stuff in a structured way for longer periods. What more do you want?

Spaced Repetition

Now, this is an interesting way to remember your lessons. Divide your chapters and study one at a time; alternate in between subjects and lessons. This is a good way to remember what you’ve read. It makes revision easier and you are more likely to remember what you’ve studied.

Weave an interesting tale

A great way to retain information! Associate your lesson with your favorite story. Or abbreviate an answer so you can relate to it and remember what you’ve read.

Write it down

Making notes always helps. Handwriting helps to memorize lessons in a more structured way.

Never Undermine Old Test papers with Answer Keys

Always look for relevant test papers and answer keys. While you revise your lessons, we recommend you go through these papers.

Drink lots of water; an occasional cup of hot tea or coffee won’t harm.

Stay hydrated. It does well to drink water, juices, fluids and healthy beverages.

Look out for more exam tips from our experts!

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