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One of the ways of determining usefulness of education is by observing results achieved. It is not without limitation. Can there be anything like useful knowledge? If there is then it seems to imply that there is such a thing as useless knowledge. If it were to be taken literally that it is useful to know certain concepts because they are going to fetch monetary returns then genuine interest for any subject is sabotaged. 

One of the important lessons for any tutor and learner is that no knowledge is useless. Beginning with which, it is essential to have a thorough grasp of the basics of any subject. This is what we may call it as ‘laying the foundation of education’. The teachers of formal education are under constant pressure to keep up with the pace of the administrative duties and encounter difficulties to do justice to the essence of what they are teaching. Remember no teaching happens without achieving the ‘learning experience’.

If it is going to be difficult to teach and learn multiplication tables properly then the learner cannot proceed to topics that assume thorough knowledge of tables. Multiplication of three digit numbers for instance would be a handicap without knowing multiplication tables of single digit numbers.

In an online tutoring lesson your teacher understands the importance of a comprehensive grasp of the basics of subjects like Math, Science and English and ensures that you gain the basic skills. Observing changes in the learner’s behavior tells us about the learning experience that the learner is going through but it is not always successful when it comes to application. In a class of thirty children if thirteen students answer the teacher’s questions correctly all one can say is that only a sample of the collective learning experience has been studied. It is only when every student answers correctly that you can say that the objectives of teaching have been met. In a formal classroom many students therefore have incomplete learning experiences. In a personalised live tutoring session, learning is assured.

You cannot build a monument without a strong base and this is especially true for knowledge in subjects like Math, Science and English. First and foremost as a student you can do away with worries about lagging behind because online education is there to complete your learning curve. The online tutor will understand where your child needs extra attention and will give a map to track the progress that is being made. By building in children the foundation for excellence the virtues of independence and responsibility can be cultivated with ease. Opt for online tutoring and see the foundations grow and stay with your child forever.

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