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Technology has become an integral part of education today more than ever before. The outlook of students on education has been radically shaped by technology. Technology has been sculpting the entire educational system since its first use in the 1950s. The following major trends are speculated in the educational pedagogy as the impact of technology

  • M- learning or Mobile learning
  • Self-Directed learning
  • Personalised and self-paced learning
  • Possibility of new developments in e-learning enabling it to become the primary mode of learning
  • Plentiful online learning resources and more efficient search engines
  • Use of Big Data Analytics to support e-learning

M-learning or Mobile learning

Technology has always been an enabler providing the convenience of learning without the barrier of time and location. M-learning enables the student to learn using mobile devices like handhelds, smart phones, tablets and notebooks at anytime and anyplace. These devices are great resources for networking, for sharing interactive applications and videos, podcasting or webcasting lectures and educational videos live or recorded and student-teacher interaction especially in e-learning.

These mobile devices have become the primary mode of learning for distance-learning students and help in one-on-one interaction between students and the teacher. They also help in giving instant feedback, regular and systematic assessment, interchange of information among students and teachers, providing constant updates about any information related to the course etc.

Self-Directed Learning

Equipped with the best possible tool called technology, the onus rests on the students to carve their way to their destiny in the world of education. The students now have access to a whole lot of relevant information through efficient search engines like alta vista. Education has taken a new creative and exciting form through gamification and educational mobile apps. The students of today are the leaders and are responsible for directing their career path, making full utilization of the abundant resources offered to them by technology.

Individualized and self-paced learning

Personalized learning is a new concept with an extensive scope in e-learning. It is one of the much sought-after innovations in e-learning. It is still on debate but it is a well-known fact that if individualized and self-paced approach can be adopted, the GPAs are sure to rise enormously. Personalized learning can undoubtedly nurture the student’s sense of ownership over education, motivate them and help them put the right amount of effort to achieve their career goals.

Scope for new breakthroughs in e-learning enabling it to become the primary mode of learning

Technological breakthroughs like Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) are learning platforms through which information, tools and resources are exchanged among the teachers, students, parents and others involved in education. Personalized learning support is one of the major developments to be made in the near future to facilitate the student in choosing their own pathway of learning. Now, 46% of US college students opt for online learning. This percentage is deemed to increase significantly, owing to the major technological breakthroughs predicted in e learning.

Plentiful online learning resources and more efficient search engines

Thanks to technology, there is an overflow of information available online for students to access. Plenty of open online educational resources like Open Ed which is the largest online resource library, enhance the student learning experience. Efficient search engines like Blekko.com and AOL.com are evolving and developing day by day to assist students in finding the right information without having to browse through a lot of unwanted information.

Use of Big Data Analytics to support e-learning

With more students switching to e-learning courses, Big Data Analytics can offer great support not only in the evaluation of student’s performance but also in tracking the student’s performance throughout the course. This can ultimately help in personalizing the learning for the student. With students streaming in from various platforms and various backgrounds into e-learning, Big Data is the only solution to all the issues caused by the overwhelming number of e -learners.

STEM education by President Barrack Obama can be undoubtedly quoted as an instance for the successful blend of technology and education. Technology has and will continue to enhance the quality of learning for eternity.

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