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Get it Right & Show off your Scores!!

There are two areas of English that are of utmost importance and a student is assessed for:

The right approach towards preparing for an English Test – be it a class test or any standardized test is the key to better scores. Tips to study right and learn right will help you do well on all those tricky questions.

1. Vocabulary:

  • Focus! Focus! & Focus!
  • Read and read and read! Practice is the key!
  • Guess the meaning by context and use it too!
  • Note down new words!
  • Take a break! Play scrabble! Boggle or Crossword puzzle!

2: Analogy

  • Connection counts!
  •  Find the right link!
  • Say it aloud!
  • Analogy is comparison
  • As load is to baggage
  • Link is to analogy!!

3. Reading for comprehension

  • Focus on the title
  • Immerse yourself with the topic
  • Skim for info
  • Scan for answers
  • Transfer the answers

4. Completing sentences (vocabulary)

  • Contextualize
  • Grasp
  • Infer
  • Identify

5. Correcting sentences: (choosing the right phrase)

  • Read all the choices aloud
  • Check for the right (tense/ verb forms/ voice) expression!
  • See if it sounds right!
  • That’s your answer!

6. Speed Reading/ Read efficiently

  • Concentrate
  • Read in your mind
  • Notice the shape of the letters
  • Do not vocalize
  • Do not read word for word
  • Move your eyes
  • Skim and scan

Also Think and Dream in English, it helps in formatting sentences correctly and build vocabulary.

If you need any help, we are right here for you!

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