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Most High School Students hope to get acceptances from their top choices for colleges. However, the application process often gets overwhelming. Deciding on the best career, considering the opportunities available vis-à-vis your interests is often challenging. Preparing a to-do-list will help you remain organized and plan ahead.

Here are 5 must-dos before applying to colleges:

1. Make an endeavor to score at least 3 credits on your AP course exam. Good colleges demand a minimum of 4 AP credits during the application process.

2. Improve on your SAT I score. An average score of 1500 will not be considered good enough by most top colleges.

3. Check with the colleges that are your top choices to as to whether they consider the SAT subject test scores or the ACT scores. Some colleges consider one or sometimes both of them.

4. Get letters of recommendation from the right people. They should be persons who know you and have interacted with you in the past.

5. Your College Application Essay goes a long way in creating a good impression. Rather than make up things in your essay, writing about yourself and things that have helped you come this far would make for far more interesting reading.

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